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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Sorry, I haven't posted in ages, my end of year exams have started and I need to do good in then to get into Uni. At first, I was going to try and get posts in my free time, but I've been so drained I've lacked the motivation to. Due to this, I will temporarily be leaving the RP until my exams are over, fortunately, I wasn't having any interactions with anyone at the time, so feel free to assume Lucius is lurking around the school, setting himself up in the meantime.
  3. I haven't posted in ages cause I've had a stint of writer's block as well as being super busy, fortunately, I don't think anyone waiting on me.
  4. Skylord Nexus

    Open Salem University

    Shivers seemed to constantly run down his spine as the Nice Lady spoke. Lucius hated interacting with her on any level and would often contemplate whether he'd prefer to be affected by her magic, it would certainly be an improvement. The only thing that really got the man through these interactions was the knowledge that one day she would have to be dealt with, especially if she intended to work towards ending the 'musical' as she so gracefully put it. For now, however, she was a useful ally and one they couldn't afford to lose so Lucius figured it would be best to appease her for now "I'm sur
  5. Sorry i haven't been able to post, i've been budy with studying. I should be able to post in a couple of days.
  6. You take way to much pleasure in playing that character.
  7. Skylord Nexus

    Open Salem University

    Lucius stifled an uncharacteristic giggle as Ley went off on one at the janitor "I have to admit, I'm starting to like this kid, surprisingly." He did however step back when the portal swallowed her, and though any normal person ma be worried, this only served to peak the mans interest even more as he began running theories through his head to explain what had just happened "Hmm, judging by the look on her face, what ever happened wasn't done by her deliberately. A possible cause may be possession, that would explain her demonic features, though she does seem to be in full control of herself w
  8. @dragon4111 @Duality Yeah, he was being a little overconfident and underestimated the teachers. Besides, some suspicion around him makes for a good dynamic. His aura also doesn't have to mean he's evil, as far as anyone knows, that could have been a perfectly kind and normal evil eye. XD
  9. I know :3 That's just Lucius trying to get on her good side by defending her.
  10. Skylord Nexus

    Open Salem University

    @Passion @dragon4111 Lucius' facial expression didn't change at Ley's reaction, though inside, his mind was working hard trying to understand the demoness in front of him "Well the tone of her initial reply is somewhat hard to read, however the word she uttered either imply some form of sarcasm/sense of humour, or an extremely large amount of vanity somewhat veiled by an otherwise emotionless personality. The most likely is the former, and besides, I think I know what she's up to but I need to be sure." The right side of the mans lips then curled upwards ever so slightly to form a cocky s
  11. Sorry, I've been a tad busy. I should be able to get my post done by the end of tomorrow at the latest.
  12. Skylord Nexus

    Open Salem University

    @Passion As Lucius went down the corridor opening doors, he was making mental notes about everything he saw... if you can count 'no Lilith' and decent notes that is. "No Lilith... No Lilith... Pink demon... No Lilith...! Wait, what was that last one?" Having his train of thought de-railed, Lucius stopped and turn on his heels rather eloquently to see,what indeed seemd to be, a pink demon girl staring at him. Lucius stared back at the girl, his deep, red eyes enough to bore into the soul of most men, as he inspected the girl. Her most obvious features were, of course, her skin and hor
  13. @Buck Testa This is him here. He's a bad guy spying on all of you :3 But shh, your characters don't know that yet.
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