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  1. Just plug a keyboard into your phone, it'll probably work. XD
  2. @Buck Testa Even though Lucius had expected Xarus to be a strong opponent, he hadn't expected it quite so literally as he felt the vampire's hand clamp onto his neck, which made his words barley audible and they escaped his lips "Asphyxiation, I was honestly hoping for something a little bet-" Lucius' words trailed off however as he smashed through the window. In the moment they reached the centre and Lucius could feel them beginning to rise, he only had the time to utter "Oh bugger." before being propelled through the floors of the building, letting out loud noises such as "Ouch"" a
  3. technically not, there's a door. To your first, third and last question, who knows? maybe? that's up for your characters to theories/find out about. To your second question: No, what I was getting at was that you guys were going about your daily business when a tear in reality sucked you up, as soon as you were sucked in your characters will have blacked out. Yeah it would have been random, so go for it! Lektra my friend, that was exactly what I was going to do when you asked. So yes i'll PM you two the relevant info, because MYSTERY and EXCITEMENT
  4. @Kronos the Revenant Sorry for the late reply, to be entirely honest, I completely missed your post, Sorry about that XD. But yes he looks great your in, which is especially good news because... @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom The RP has arrived!
  5. The multiverse. Realm upon realm of endless possibili- Wait, this is how I started it last time, lets go for something a little different. What is life, but a series of choices. Every choice leading to a new eventuality, and every new eventuality, leading to a new choice, and no matter what these choices happen to be, they effect not only one person, but everyone around us. It only takes one man to create a great empire, only one man to sow the seeds of rebellion, and only one man to wipe it all out, set it all back to zero. Some would say such things would be destiny, unchangeable, and set
  6. @Buck Testa Lucius began sweating bullets as Xarus used his own powers to deflect his attack. Lucius had never really been in a fight, he would always observe from the shadows, or possibly be the orchestrator of the fight from behind the scenes, and even if I had to get himself personally involved he always had the upper hand as he was dealing with normal people, but Xarus was nothing like them. Although able to keep his composure to some extent, there would defiantly be a visible change to Lucius behaviour and in his voice, a more serious undertone replacing the pervious, mocking one "So
  7. @Buck Testa yeah, I was just about to go change it that way actually XD @Buck Testa Ok just changed it, it was only a sentence in the second paragraph, so if you need a bit more I can come up with something.
  8. @Buck Testa Friday earliest, Sunday latest. There's just a few more things I want to work out first.
  9. @Buck Testa I'm not sure whether I lamp post would actually be there or not, so I just assumed. If you need me to change that then I can.
  10. @Buck Testa Lucius found himself becoming slightly nauseous as the city around him began to shift and change "Well know, I did not expect that. Rather nice trick, though if you wanted to get me on my own you should have bought me out for dinner first." Lucius then chuckled at Xarus' refusal of payment and smirked "To be honest, I would almost be disappointed if you were." Though as the gravity shifted around him, Lucius stayed remarkable calm, his eyes focused on observing his environment before making his move, and though on the outside looked cool and calm, it was needless to say that on
  11. Calbian had never entirely left the room, and instead just leaded in the doorway reading his book, though he would occasionally look at Ghalan and his work with a critical eye, though never saying anything. Though what he did do was walk into the room, reach down and grabbed up one of the mithril bar and began inspecting it "Hmm, process: efficient, quality: acceptable, weight: average." The teen then put the bar of metal down and sighed heavily, as if it hadn't been the result he'd wanted.
  12. @Denim&Venom @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt Cool, cool, cool we're all good, love them all, they're all in. I do have one question about Mindy though denim, her ability to access the umbra-verse, is it like opening a portal to it, or is it like astral projection and only her spirit enters, leaving her body in it's place.
  13. @Lektra Bolt If I may give a suggestion for your character. The main problem there seems to be hear is that your characters too techy right? So what if you changed slightly to where she's purely magical, so she can still be smart, but magic smart (and even hilariously inept with tech if you want) because then she can still enchant stuff and use magic, but is then pretty different from everyone else.
  14. @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom @Lektra Bolt @Gabriel Ok so the OOC for the reboot is up: So if you want to still take part, put your character applications into there, nothings really changed about the application, except a specified spot for a backstory so your current ones should be good to just paste in. Obviously if you want to switch characters then that's fine as well. But all in all I feel quite confident for the future of the RP.
  15. Firstly note: Name is W.I.P if you don't want to join and just have a better idea for a name please do... seriously I suck at names XD. So basically this is a wild wacky multiverse adventure with magic, star trek style pseudo science and star wars style battles, where the mood can swiftly change and allies can become enemies. With references around every corner, a wide variety of fun characters and vital lore ripped straight from over games/movies because: "Hey originalities dead". This will have lots of action and comedy with the characters being thrust from there respective universes and t
  16. Sorry dude, I don't take any pleasure from wasting your time and effort, but I think it is for the best for the RP as a hole. And hopefully with this reboot people should have a lot more freedom in what their characters do, which should hopefully stop the "at a loss on what to post" issue.
  17. @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom @Gabriel Ok, so after a lot of thinking things over, I've decided I'm going to reboot the RP. This decision comes from not only the lack of posting, which is nothing against you guys, I think it's mostly down to me, the other reason though is because I haven't been happy with how I started the RP and the subsequent direction it's gone in as a result. I find this comes from the start ending up being the exact opposite of what I wanted this RP to be, I wanted an RP where the players could have a lot of freedom, not have limited choices, and not bein
  18. @Buck Testa Lucius smirked a little, looking at Xarus "Oh, I can tell you a thing or two about cooperation friend. Cooperation is just a word for a group of selfish people waiting to stab each other in the back when it fits them, a team is one of the most fickle things in the world. A team relies on everyone trusting one another and working together in order to achieve something, but you can never really trust anyone, everyone has a price after all, whether it's material or emotional, all it takes is one member of that team to accept the price and the rest is over. You can't ever trust th
  19. @Buck Testa The sudden appearance of the man made Lucius jump back, a hand holding his chest "Bloody hell! You don't do that to someone!" Lucius then turned to look at the man properly, and was slightly taken aback by the sight of him which only made him wonder how he could have snuck up on him, he stuck out just as much as... well he did "Firstly it's rude to sneak up on people, second nice suit, thirdly don't pretend to know anything about me." Lucius then gave a heavy sign and turned back to look at the people "But hey, it's been a while since I've had a good debate about hum
  20. @Buck Testa Lucius gave the receptionist another fake smile "Well, from what we've seen, our company thinks that a suit like this, be it anon-weapon orientated redesign, could be very useful for humanitarian work, someone in a suit like that could do the work of entire teams! But of course I'm getting ahead of myself, all of this is only possible with the aid of Mr Stark. But thank you for your help ma'am. Good day to you." Lucius then walked out of the imposing building, Alexander in tow "I think that went rather well all things considered, don't you Lucius?" Lucius let out a v
  21. Yeah I thought i'd give it a week or so to see if anyone wanted to post, since no-one did I thought I may as well reply to you, which I think was a good decision, judging by how long my reply was to just you XD
  22. @Buck Testa @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom @Gabriel A very devious and cocky smirk crept onto Lucius' face as that young girl in front of him started threatening him, he then started to laugh "You know, I like you! You've got heart and your brave to boot. Given, maybe slightly stupid, but all the best people are... mostly... kind of... ok not really but that's beside the point" All the while he was pacing, and hopping around the room like a toddler hyped up on way to much sugar. Lucius then went back to looking at Star, getting closer and closer to her face as he spoke "Though I would
  23. @Buck Testa Lucius was, for a second, taken aback before regaining his composure. Currently the only thought going through Lucius' mind was that If this had been anyone else they may have failed at this point, but there was one thing other people didn't have, and that's that they weren't him. "Well, if you need to know my organization, here you go." The man then stuck a hand into the inside pocked of his suit, quickly going through a number of business cards until pulling a certain one out. It was a rather simple card, mainly with a name: "Acmes: Associated Companies for Mi
  24. I did say he was slightly toned. As for face, it's kinda hard i'm not good at describing faces either. Well he has brown eyes, no facial hair, average nose, average lips, he's quite handsome I guys. That work I bit better?
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