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  1. @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom @Buck Testa @Gabriel When KOS-MOS ask about the energy source Alexander looked at her clearly supprised "Oh! You can um... sense that. Well please understand that I'm not at liberty to really discus it with visitors, the fact that you can sense it at all is a rather large security risk. I'd say that you better go into more detail with my master." Fortunately for the robot however Shion had provided the perfect Segway for him, his face instantly lighting up "Oh yes I assure you I am fully sentient, I was created by my master when he was a young boy, though bac
  2. @Denim&Venom @Gabriel so I don't move to far a head, is there anything either of you two want to post, or are you ok with me moving on?
  3. @Acnologia @dragon4111 @Drago Ryder Calbian looked at the faunus and once she had finished, patted her on the head "Before you say anything, this is the largest amount of niceness I can show, don't question it." The teen then went back to leaning on the wall "You must forgive my questioning, I don't tend to do that but I felt it prudent to assess how you all feel as a team." Hearing what was transpiring in the alley, Calbian mealy stood at the alley entrance and watched. Once it had all died down Calbian stepped in, staring daggers at Ghalan "You had no right to do that wolf!" for t
  4. @Acnologia Calbian leaned against a wall, his face continuing to show little trace of emotion "While I've never been one to be a team player, it is good you trust them with your life, in this world that's important, otherwise you never know who will stab you in the back." The teen then let out a heavy sigh "Honestly I don't care if they open up to me or not, I don't care to pry into the lives of others." Calbian then leaded there in awkward silence for a while, before turning to Yuki and looking her straight in the eyes "Ok then, here's what I find to be an infinitely harder question: How
  5. @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom @Buck Testa @Gabriel Through the events that had just transpired the Overseer had just watched some what awkwardly. Once Sabir had been dealt with the Overseer looked at the unconscious man "Thank god that racist bastard finally shut up, I was worried I'd need the neuro toxin again." The face then turned to Kos-Mos "I have to admit very nicely done with the nano-machines. Anyway if you would all like to come through the doorway I will address you personally, Oh and the cake I promised will be here... eventually. I'll send my assistant to grab our masked friend h
  6. @Lektra Bolt @Buck Testa @Gabriel @Denim&Venom I'm pretty sure mostly everyone's ready to move on, that good with you all. assuming @Denim&Venom doesn't want to post anything adding on ( just checking cause you haven't posted anything in response to the Sabir situation so I wanted to make sure your good to go.)
  7. I like how when the overseer was trying to subconsciously get you to kill each other you did nothing but when he asked nicely you started doing it XD
  8. @Gabriel @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom @Buck Testa Ok with the start of the new year I'm going to be continuing the story, I'm probably going to start the ball rolling some time tomorrow, so if any of you want to post anything before I move the story along this is your warning, but if you guys want anymore time to do exactly what the floating head told you to do (aka killing each other) then please say so
  9. @Arid_Blitz Like the other's said, I wouldn't want you feeling like you have to be apart of it, i'll keep a metaphorical spot open for you if you ever want to come back.
  10. @dragon4111 @Acnologia Calbian let out a small "heh" as Yuki spoke "Good, I don't particularly want to be here, no offence to you, but if I had to live with you all hating me I'd find my time here insufferable." Hearing Ghalan's angry fuelled statement Calbian looked at the wolf faunus as he began to leave "Bear in mind that story you told me earlier, cause right now your the one seeming like the ass." The human then let out a heavy sigh before turning to Yuki, his eyes seeming to stare into the fox faunus' soul "So tell me, what's your opinion of the other two members of you team."
  11. @Gabriel I have to say, out of anywhere in the RP for Sabir to say stuff like that about robots, you've done it in the one place where it's the most racists and I love it! XD
  12. @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom @Gabriel @Arid_Blitz @Buck Testa For those of you like Buck that wanted more to go off, here you go, some extra goings on to spark post writing if you so wish, this will however likely be my last RP post for the rest of the year... possibly not but i'll see how stuff goes. Until then a merry Christmas, a happy new year and remember... I'm always watching from the shadows Muhaha XD
  13. @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom @Buck Testa @Arid_Blitz @Gabriel ensuing the events that had transpired the look on the Overseer's face was perhaps the most emotional the group would have ever seen it, with the gaps between it's metal pieces representing it's eyes and mouth being noticeable wider, most likely in surprise, and for the first time he addressed the beings he had taken with some form of emotion "Well... this is rather awkward isn't it?... I was really banking on most of you being dead but that idea's gone to shit." It was at that moment another voice could be heard from beyond
  14. @dragon4111 @Drago Ryder @Acnologia Calbian stared the Ghalan as his rage boiled over but sheathed his sword once the wolf faunus' little temper tantrum was done "I think it may be best if you take some time to yourself to calm down a bit." The human then followed Yuki out the alley. Staring somewhat menacingly to the fox faunus Calbian was silent for a few minutes (just enough to make things creepy and uncomfortable) "So your whole team is faunus' and I'm the only human... let's talk about that." It would however quickly become apparent to Yuki that the human in front of her was less cre
  15. I don't think I did, but I meant to say it! Basically no story progression. and also as a point I don't think I ever made the Overseer's hologram disappear so technically he's still there watching when I think about it XD
  16. @Lektra Bolt @Arid_Blitz @Buck Testa @Denim&Venom @Gabriel Ok guys, seeing as how (I assume) buck and arid are busy with RL stuff, plus with me being busy, plus plus with it being the holiday season and everyone being 'happy' with there 'family' and 'friends', I was thinking I might put the RP on hiatus until the new year, maybe a bit before depending on how things go. That good with everyone?
  17. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Calbian quickly holstered his pistol when he realised that it would have no effect at stopping the women and looked at Ghalan, for the first time Calbian could see that there was perhaps a darkness in the ranger's heart, or at least, unbridled fury. Drawing his rapier Calbian pushed against the edge of Ghalan sword, pushing it away from Draco's mother's neck just in case the wolf faunus did something he might regret later "I believe such a decision should be decided upon by Draco and not you, though I don't like the idea of leaving them alone, if this w
  18. @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Acnologia Calbian just stared at the wold faunus "You know there's a very fine line between the fool and the hero, that's why I try to be neither." Looking at Ghalans' plan Calbian nodded and jump down from the rooftop behind the leader, making no attempt to hide himself and instead lifted the pistol to aim at her head "Now I wouldn't advise making any sudden moves, I'd hate to have to waste a bullet."
  19. @dragon4111 Calbian glanced over at Ghalan eyeing him suspiciously "I don't suppose your team knows about this little secret of yours do they?" Calbian then let out a heavy sigh "For now I'll let it slide, but know this: if I ever find out what you plan, and it seems malicious, I will do everything in my power to put you down." At this point Calbian was shooting a death glare at his team 'mate' and the more angered look on his face went to prove that he meant every word he said. "Now, how much longer until we reach your allies, I imagine it can't be that far by now can it?"
  20. @dragon4111 Calbian let out a heavy sigh as he ran "I care not for your past transgressions, I believe that ,to a point, people are redeemable, that fact that you show remorse for your past proves my point. And as for my speed, well... it's rather important for my fighting style that I remain nimble, aside from that it was very useful when I was younger." Though so obvious change in expression was made by Calbian, if Ghalan looked into his eyes he would see a mixture of spite and remorse by then end of his sentence.
  21. Well if you're busy then take as much time as you need, RL stuff should always come before internet RP stuff, just wanted to make sure you were still interested
  22. @Buck Testa @Arid_Blitz Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that we are kinda waiting on your posts to continue, obviously I get that IRL stuff can get in the way, especially around this time of yeah, I also get that it's a lot of information you need to reply too. Just making sure you haven't forgotten about this lovely little RP.
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