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    If it wont hurt anyone go for it
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    nature, photography, crafts, beach combing, anything creative, flying kites, taking things to pieces to see how they work and then trying to put them back together :)

    love drawing, rock music (mainly 80s and 90s) and electronic music. I play guitar.

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  1. gyxile

    What Makes [Your] Life Worthwhile?

    I can sum this up in 3 words, Family, Friends and Pony's. I have learned over the years as well that you need to follow your dreams and try to do what makes you happy and not always try to please others. Pinkie is so right, If more people tried to make each other happy and smile instead of bitching and being evil to each other the planet would be and awesome place. We dont always make the best decisions but we can learn from life's experiences and move on.
  2. gyxile

    Where are you most ticklish?

    Back of my neck but only after i have had a drink, which is pretty much never these days
  3. gyxile

    Weird things about yourself

    Another thing thas wierd about me is i see faces in lots of inanimate objects, apparently more than normal people do.
  4. gyxile


    Everyone need hugs, when they are happy or sad. A hug tells u that someone is there for you in your times of need and that even though it wont make the pain go away you have someone to console you. I hate the whole gender thing as well. i hug anyone who needs one.
  5. She does look good, she does put alot of effort in
  6. Hi Do you guys pick a pony based on your own personality or on a personality you aspire to be. I picked Fluttershy as my fave as she has so many traits that match my personality. Im shy till i know someone, caring , always there for my friends and love nature.
  7. Telling my heavily pregnant wife that I had been made redundant at work was pretty scary. I don't really scare easily although i was in a park once and had a large Alsatian dog snarling and snapping at my arms and legs kind of freaked me out , it seemed very surreal at the time.
  8. gyxile

    Music favorite decade of music?

    80s Classic rock for me , loved Whitesnake and Dio and AC/DC and Gary Moore
  9. gyxile

    What did you dream about last night?

    i dreamt i went to someones house for sunday lunch and ended up washing the dishes. I then fought off a wasp attack before being woken up by the alarm clock.
  10. gyxile

    What instrument(s) do you play?

    I play guitar and play with synthesizers . I used to be in a band playing 80s rock music when i was at college
  11. attractiveness 2/10 intelligence 8/10 kindness 8/10
  12. gyxile

    Who wants more friends?

    I'm a bit of a loner and need to find people i can relate to but when i do make friends im very loyal. Anyone is free to add me
  13. gyxile

    What's on your bucket list?

    a visit to the north pole white water rafting building my own talking robot visit Florida again and see the everglades short but achievable
  14. gyxile

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking about a friend who did something very silly to herself, who i couldnt get hold of but have just been told by her daughter she is ok, so i am relieved
  15. gyxile

    Where were you when 9/11 happened?

    I was at work the let us stop and watch the drama unfold