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  1. hello,i heard what happened on ur profile,rlly srry that happened to u bro

  2. theres one thing i dont get we have adverts for brony cons in america but not in other places in the world like Ponycon UK or Buckcon UK its so strange that its just american conventions. Now i'm not having a go at the creator of this site but it is fair that poeple from other contries get to know if there is a convention near them and not just in america cause people like me who live in the United Kingdom have MLP Conventions and in all fairness it seems a tad bit rude leaving out other places i'm hoping other people would strongly agree but hey if you want to have amercan pony convention ads on the forum thats your choice but all i'm saying it'll be fair on others too.
  3. well its coming up to my 2 year annaversary of being a brony, i know that some of you won't care and some of you are just meh but i want this to be an better 2 years. last year i was alone had nothing to do but be bored and just stay in my room watch crap dvds. on a festive note i'm not celebrating christmas this year with my mum cause she has been tight for money recently so yea if you have any ideas what I should draw for a nice festive anniversary that would be great forum staff can participate in too if they want but I know they wont but hey they're job's are hard (real jobs and searching the forums for people like the old me/ the little *curses* that hacked my account. On other news I have taken my role down as King of the Lego MLP model creator reason being is because I joined the TTV podcast where you can chat and post your Bionicle/ Herofactory MOCs (My Own Creation) and have them reviewed/ and criticized. I got all low marks and it was really bad so I took them apart so there will be no Lego MLP from me no more. oh one last thing before I end this Blog can any of the forum staff think of a punishment for me. like for example can't add any friends on (here on the forums) I don't want to leave but having the add as friend button for me should be taken just me no one else cause they will want to make friends just take the AAF button away for me. and that's where i'll leave this vlog
  4. I cant take it anymore i'm returning to the forums only just to have something to do eversince my account got hacked and all those nasty status updates and all the warnings that were given were all to do with someone at college has done, its been sorted out so no worries there but i find it angry that no one belives me they are always like "oh he's just doing that for attention" well i'm not its been hard for me this year as it is and not to mention i have to do really hard exams next year. Everything has been down hill for me eversince getting hacked don't feel sympathy for me just because i got hacked everyone gets hacked time to time but its not the end of the world is it. So i am returining but only to have something to do, if you wish to contact me since Blogs is the only verbal communication i can do now is to contact me on skype or Google+. Google+ : TheLegoBrony Skype : Shadtrax Skr Those are the only contact details I'm giving nothing more. On a further note I have changed completely if were possible I wish I can go back in time and changed what that person from college has done but we must not live in a stupid fairy tale and think in the real world. Lets not get to Negative lets add some positive in to this forgiveness blog, first thing is that I have started playing Fallout (3) great game so far and I have completed the prologue for my FOE story (link enclosed: ) I hope you enjoy it also on other news my OC Shadtrax has a piece of fan art (well its a request but I count it as fan art and it looks awesome), thanks to MR STOMPY from skype for drawing it. any of you who's annoyed with what's happened on my account or just fed up with me in general I'm sorry for that and I'll try and make it better if I cant well I'll just make an new account and start from scratch.
  5. With my account being hacked ages ago (cant remember cause of college work) and since this is the ONLY​ way i can talk to people I decided if you want to chat or to talk visit me on Skype Skype name: Shadtrax Skr
  6. i hate to say it but i'm resigning from the forums. if you want to still contact me find me on Skype skype name: Shadtrax Skr I know its letting the one who hacked me win but its the only way i can get it out of my head.
  7. This is the last youll see of me (previosly know as Shadtrax) due to my college friend some how hacked my account and wrote those Status updates. Until last friday be for Halloween I found out that I had a warning and then got a text from that friend that they hacked my forum account. As of then I reported him and he lied to save his backside so now I have a last warning cause of them. This forum was almost close to chnging me but now I feel its right to just leave I hear theres going to be a new MLP Forums that has restrictions but what do I know I'm a brain less guy who can't get to grips with life cause of college work, thinking about real work and getting a real life. If anyone does happen to upon this Blog I'll be gone or just sitting alone unable to type stuff about the new Characters for MLP FIM, I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me just cause my account got hacked, cause everyones account got hacked sometimes. The one thing I can say is this keep being you don't let anyone down you cause you like something they don't stand up for your self and things will get better. If I'm wrong say I'm wrong. I dont mean to hurt peoples feelings sometimes or maybe I do all the time but the thing is noone is perfect. If you have a problem on the forums tell it to the staff, dont say it in the status updates (taking from what I seen what my friend put on to mine) or if it's a outside the forums thing tell it to your parents or the Police. (I'll say again taken from what I seen what my friend put on to my statuses) That is all from me. I know that I'm going to be banned from the forums from this so if I do goodbye you have been amazing people to talk to.
  8. after a nice bowl ull of MY home made trifle im feelin a lot better

  9. some one kill my mum shes being a complete fuck bag

  10. SORRY! with task 6 of my art course being really hard i haven't been myself as of late. i tried to do some baking to calm me down but it just made me more angry, so who ever i hurt emotionlly/ mentally I'm SORRY! coming to the forums was a bad choice to make and i can see that i'm hurting people here so this (hopefully) is going to be the last time i make a status update that envoles me talking about shit like noone commenting and my personal life. so as from now im going...

    1. Inkquill


      involves* and where are you going? Are you leaving the forums?

    2. TheLegoBrony


      no I'm going to change everything

  11. candy offering ha a nightmare never gives candy only victims