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    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Southern Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Space, Everything In Existance.
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    Singing, Gaming, Playing an Ocarina, Getting smothered by my cat, trying to figure out how to edit YouTube videos, e-mailing, laying on my couch, (realising I changed from starting with caps to not using caps at the beginning) waiting for my iPad to type which is quite amusing.

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  1. Foxy

    Nice to meet you

    Welcome to the MlP forums Biggy, I'm foxy. I'm gonna give you a magic ability to call me by my name, Zaire. Have a picture of InfectedPone.
  2. Watched The Matrix last night with NebuLord/StarBurst. There is no spoon *bang* Can I has ur waffle InfectedPone? Please

  3. *eats self*

  4. Foxy

    Um Hi

    Hey, so great to have you on board. Feel free to ask any pony a question or add them. You're lucky, you're the second person ive said hi to when they joined. Like I said, have fun and maybe add some friends.
  5. Amazing what a little bit of cheeky editing can do Nebu. Read what I did in this quote. (Hint, it's in the bottom row, this was made as a joke and is not to be taken seriously.)
  6. I'm sooooooooo bored. Any pony wanna chat?

  7. I realised when I said no, I meant yes, I read the title wrong.
  8. actually, no. Let people ship. They want to fantasise Rainbow Dash with Applejack, let them. They want to fantasise Pinkie Pie with the infant; Pumpkin Cake, let them. They may have different minds to us, but they think that we, who don't ship, are the real weirdos. I ship: No one.
  10. NebuLord just became a Muffin! :'(

  11. Just checked InfectedPone's page. Hey, you ARE a day older then me!!!!!!!

  12. How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: HEY GUYS STUFF HAPPENED IM BACK AGAIN YAY IM USING CAPS COZ WHY NOT!!!!!!!
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