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  1. So short story on my problem. My teacher is history class said for our project we can write about the history of anything since we are seniors and can make up are own minds. So the part off my brain that was clearly shut off said I'll do the history of a brony since i have been one for four years. I have a six page outline/rough draft assigned today due Friday and am having trouble compiling enough info for a six page essay Due to the rules of no plagiarizing if anyone can help find some info with works sited in chicago style it would be much appreciated thx for taking the time to read
  2. Probably AJ because she has the most screen time and has more of an in depth character.
  3. Defiantly something i count not produce. Nice hairstyle for Derek... Rawr.
  4. My OC is a doctor unicorn who can magically transfer medicine that would come in a shot directly into the bloodstream without pain by just touching the neck veins of another pony.
  5. I say the second is fluttershy. As much as shes constantly worried shes always happy to help animals out. Since her life really just revolves around living in a house in the woods close to the everfree forest doing just that i find shes constantly doing what makes happy earning her her spot at number two.
  6. Not really a fan of gravity falls but i love the image.
  7. When i first started watching the show the voice threw me off with its raspiness. So while the voice indicated small male child once they assigned gender roles its speech i just learned to role with the waves. The personality to me is normal since i have a Girl Friend who goes Long boarding,kayaking,Motorcycle Riding, and human darts. From my experience anything is acceptable for a girl to do as long as they feel comfortable doing it.
  8. FlutterHigh

    General Media Worst Commercials And Ads Ever

    The newer coco puffs commercials
  9. Yea the pony pinkie i have also has cheek cutie marks
  10. Weirdest thing i do is always eat food in pair no more or no less than a pair. I have had people offer me three cookies before and i turned them down because my weird obsession of doing things an equal amount times including eating. As of my doctor this is the only signs of OCD i have which is weird that its not about being neat or clean. I'd rather have OCD for my room being clean than having to eat equal food. I just find it weird that this comes and goes like ill grow out of it for a year than comes back the next.
  11. I would honestly want pony applejack over twilight since i could just buy another That's what they had last. Mcdolands is required to get rid of their old stuff before switching to the new stuff to increase profits. Thats one possibility and the other is they did not get their next shipment of food. They get new toys when they order new buns.
  12. Seems like a lot of people have an uncle mark even i have one.
  13. My store location has them. We had the pinkie anthro as well but as an employee i can only get 2 a week free.
  14. My recommendation would do ad a bass drop and more drums. The majority of the song has no beat cause it has nothing to back it up like drums or snare. Also i would recommend using less vocals as they were unfitting in most cases.
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