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  1. She says YES! That's her! Thank you so much. It's been driving me nuts. Hahaha.
  2. I have a three year old with a healthy obsession with all things My Little Pony. Rarity is her favorite, but she often talks about a pony I don't think I've ever actually seen. I admittedly don't watch the show very carefully at all, so I have no idea who this pony is, or where to find it. Clues from three year old A: She says it's a boy pony. His name is "Danielle Doo" -- but she's three. She can barely even pronounce her full name correctly. ???? She says the pony has yellow fur and a black mane. And that he lives in the forest? Mind you, all of this could be poppycock. I've searched high and low for this Danielle Doo she speaks of every day, and I've yet to find it. I'm beginning to think he's her very own imaginary pony. ???? HELP!