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  1. Flareblood

    National Pink (Pony) Day!

  2. Flareblood

    National Pink (Pony) Day!

    I think Pinkie is actually a pretty good rolemodel, as all she wants is to make everyone as happy as she can.
  3. A motivational message written by Emma Jones: To everyone watching this. Taking your life it's not going to end your pain it's just passing to the people who really do care for you. Please I beg you do not give up, you're going to miss so much awesome things, I know how you feel and I know it's hard, but you gotta keep fighting, it's worth it , you're one badass warrior fighting the most terrifying battle, you're fighting against yourself, your demons, there's...

    1. P-Jay


      who r u?

    2. Flareblood


      Uh, do you want me to revoke the friendship status with you or something? You accepted my friend request, right?

    3. P-Jay


      nah, you dont have to.


      i just have it set to whoever wants to friend me, can.

  4. That is actually a very good point (at least I think so). Never thought about that until now!
  5. Take a look at this: To this I say, BRING IT!!
  6. Flareblood

    National Pink (Pony) Day!

    Will this do?
  7. I came across an MLP hate video (sorta)... Just watch a second of this: I know it's not really a "hate" video, that's why I put "sorta" in the title. I think it's more of a hate to his haters, but still... XD
  8. So, I have often noticed many dumb things on the internet, and as I probably won't be able to list many myself, I would like people to post what they think is dumb, and why they think so. Here's a few of my own: 1. People thinking that kids around the age of 12 are "as retarded" as 5 year olds. 2. Flame wars. 3. Trolls. 4. Haters. Like I said, please post your dumb experiences on the internet.
  9. Eh, why not? *transforms back to original red pegasus form* *boops everyone in the image*
  10. Uh... I'm just gonna stay out of this scene...
  11. I actually used to be a normal red pegasus, until an "incident" during Nightmare Night... Yeah... I have also firgured out how to transform between my monster form and regular form at will (unless I'm too weak). There's still more to this story, but it would take too long to tell it all. PS: *manly boop*