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  1. I've never skipped an episode. Usually, if I don't like the episode, I just keep watching in hopes that it will somehow get better lol.
  2. I feel like Rainbow Dash would SAY that she doesn't want to be a princess to everyone's face because she doesn't want to tarnish her tomboy reputation, but I do think that she would secretly enjoy it. Who wouldn't? I don't think it's going to happen, though. Slight chance for the show's finale, but I hope they wouldn't.
  3. I guess mine would be Pinkie Pie. She's pretty shallow sometimes and can be pretty catty. I still think she's funny, but I don't care for anything else about her.
  4. It's definitely got a lot of girly qualities, but I think the feminist qualities in the show are some of my favorite parts. One of the lessons you learn from watching the show is that it's okay to be bake cupcakes and design dresses and take down bad guys in a macho showdown. By rating, I'd probably say 6 on the feminine side and 4 on the masculine side, but in comparison to the previous gens, WAYYYY less feminine. I definitely would say that the franchise has evolved similarly to how our culture has evolved in view of what's ok for guys and girls to do.
  5. Real life: Of course it would hurt. It would be like jamming your nose against a tire. Pony world: It must not, otherwise they probably wouldn't do it. Rainbow's face in the pic up top is just too adorably sassy.
  6. While I think this would be a GREAT idea, I don't think it's likely to happen. It would be pretty neat, but the writers won't put it in.
  7. Rainbow Dash all the way. As far as supporting characters go, Roseluck's colors are much like my OC's, but my favorite two are Thunderlane and Cloud Chaser. Cloud Chaser's colors are really whimsical, which I think compliment her spiky mane style well. I love Thunderlane's black coat and striking hair color.
  8. NO. PLEASE NO. It's my personal headcanon that Celestia, Luna, and Cadence got their alicorn powers in the same manner that Twilight did: by proving themselves with an act of bravery. Cadence probably did something in relation to the Crystal Empire, and Celestia and Luna might have gotten their powers when they defeated Discord. No canonicity to back it up, just my thoughts. Ignoring the show and seeing it from an economical standpoint, Hasbro would make a killing off of alicorn kingdom toys.
  9. Oh my gosh, I didn't even realize we were halfway through S5. I can feel the hiatus approaching... It would be amazingly epic if the finale had flashbacks of Starlight Glimmer stalking Twilight throughout the season, but I'm going to be the party pooper and throw out the possibility that it was simply coincidence, or the animator's idea of a joke to see if anyone would catch it. Can't deny that the pony in the frame is Starlight Glimmer, though. It's absolutely her.
  10. I used to like Fluttershy a lot, especially the first season or two, but RD started growing on me toward the end of season two. I started taking karate around season two, so RD's sportiness and tough attitude combined with my budding warrior spirit (lol) made me like her a lot more.
  11. Its good to hear such overwhelming positivity about the episode. Faith in fandom officially restored
  12. Can't remember specifically, but just in the replies of recent threads. Usually it was just a side comment, not the main topic.
  13. I'd like to be the second member. They are so adorable
  14. I assumed as much, just thought somebody may have had a rational argument about it.
  15. Really? I've only heard negative. I guess the fandom's big enough to get mixed opinions on everything, though. I don't get on the forum much, but I've seen about three or four people say that it was the worst episode they had seen or that they didn't even finish it. I thought it was a great dedication to the background ponies, especially the speech that the Mayor gave.