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  1. Battletoads for NES 3rd Stage Turbo Tunnel 4th Stage Ice cave 6th Stage Snake cave 7th Stage Airplane stage 8th Stage 9th Stage Basically Battletoads in general?
  2. According to Rarity. Marshmellow + Dictionary = Apple Pie

    1. Trine


      It was under Eee...eee

    2. Trine


      Trixie always ^^

  3. Lmao what do you expect, his name is discord. he is like the god of chaos! Whenever I see him on screen I expect him to do whatever he want, whenever he want. if not he will need a name change and may even lose his chaotic powers. I was so hoping he would have thrown treehugger into the void. That would have been the best moment in MLP history
  4. Working on the rock form should increase Trixie's Magic by 1000x! Her magic should be just as strong as Maugh punches
  5. Sunset: I can show you how to be strong, In the real way *grabs element of magic* Trixie: And I know that we can be strong, In the real way *grabs alicorn amulet*

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    2. SoGxTrixie


      I highly doubt the element of magic itself is stronger than the alicorn amulet, it grants the wielder alicorn magic. Which will mean Trixie wins again, Trixie IS the highest level unicorn!

    3. MysticShine


      Alicorns aren't more powerful than the Elements... in my head cannons at least.

    4. SoGxTrixie


      Well that could be true, since Celestia sends Sparkle with the elements to do task her, herself can't do


      Though in order for the elements to be truly affective, one must have all 6 of them, since Celestia did use all of the elements herself, it can be said that 1 person could use all 6 of the elements.


      =p but you said element of magic, that would just be the measly crown Twilight uses.


      And it's kind of hard to say what Alicorn magic is actually capabl...

  6. Whenever you need a super leet challenge, I'll give you a match. Trixie may even be able to teach you a few things, just drop a pm whenever you want to challenge. Back slash, back slash, back slash, counter, gg
  7. Trixie welcomes you to this great and powerful mlp forums site. Googling scootalo is a very interesting way to come across something that isn't scootaloo. It's almost like searching for KFC and ending up at McDonalds >=3 Hope you enjoy your time at the site, I love rpgs's also. Trixie calls it alone time, where she can engulf herself in a world filled with characters, make decisions and determine an outcome. Almost like a book, except with more control of the situations. Try not to get addicted to
  8. We're not going anywhere at least Trixie isn't, I'm pretty new also joined about a few months ago. FIrst step get a favorite pony, love your favorite pony, Though I would say keep your favorite pony. But all of the ponies are so good, so love them all! (except flash sentry). Also creating or forming a OC early with it's own back-story may be useful to you in the future, so it's never to late to start thinking of idea's.
  9. Liked this show better than pokemon and digimon combined. Number 1
  10. <<< This pony here gets it Trixie gives up, @@Asbel Lhant, won.
  11. Humans may be the last thing I am willing to marry. So sure, why not.
  12. Your absolutely correct. There is no need for Trixie to chose, when she can have the both of them.
  13. Lol The baddest, In the good way. Now all they need is a Earth Pony. Those Darn Earth Ponies Definitely one of the cutest Trixie Pics there are. The only problem I have with Trixie being Twilight's friend is they may change or alter her personality to much. Though I wouldn't mind the friendship if Trixie stays herself and Twilight spends all of eternally trying to better Trixie =3 love seeing Twilight(s) Struggle.