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  1. Happy first day of march!

  2. Or Bakugo I get angry sometimes LOL

  3. I highkey want to cosplay as Kirishima I have the abs for it 

  4. haha ty it makes me look like an anime anti hero
  5. The My Hero Academia Movie... I'm in tears of joy... 11/10 movie best of the year hands down oml

    1. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man

      Wasn’t it great!? I loved it! :squee:

    2. Axel


      ABSOLUTELY. I haven't been this happy to be a weeb in so long.... my boy Kirishima popped OFF I was screaming in the crowd along with everyone else ;-;

    3. TheSupremeLeaderOfChaos


      THERE'S A MOVIE?!?!?!?! Oh my god

  6. I totally forgot I had an account here. Hope this makes up for it.
  7. Halloween fun with Venom @Bakugou Is My Man ❤
  8. Stay sexy and spooky! 🎃 


    1. Axel


      LOL I WILL I dressed up as Venom for halloween

  9. Glad I got to reconnect with some people I left behind on the forums :3 

  10. haha thanks man everyone thinks they are contacts
  11. Hey I haven't been on here in nearly 2 years but I remember this being one of my favorite threads. My face changed a bit growing a 5 o clock shadow. Whats everyone been up to?
  12. Oh my god I'm alive. 

    1. Lulaypp


      Goodness I just now notice that you still are (or were) alive. Wow.

  13. Welp I'm 23 years old today.