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  1. SonicRainDash

    Mega Thread Favorite songs?

    Uhm... Simple Plan- This Song Saved My Life He Is We- I wouldn't Mind T.M. Revolution- Resonance Hollywood Undead- I'll Be There Boyinaband- Spectrum Vertical Horizon- Everything You Want No particular order Have you heard Korn and Amy Lee do an acoustic version of Freak on a Leash? Also, Word Up!
  2. I'm always looking for new people to play with. Smite's a free to play 3rd person, all skill shot MOBA. You play as gods and attempt to defeat the enemy team in six different game modes, one of which changes every day. I'm currently level 30 and Master level 47(soon to be 49 when I finish Kumbha and Anubis) if anyone does play feel free to add me: Thorgrimzz is my IGN
  3. I think mine was the mobile version of Terraria. My brother and I beat it together. Other than that my last was Hyrule Warriors.
  4. Mine is jharp223. Feel free to add me whenever you want.
  5. I need a new manga to read..

  6. Future Diary is really good...

    1. Frostgage



    2. SonicRainDash


      I'm reading it right now, on chapter 27. I really like it.

  7. Basically cx. Thanks again for all the welcomes
  8. This is why I love the MLP fandom. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. It's great.
  9. Mirai Nikki is pretty damn good... not gonna lie...

  10. I wish I could have when I played Borderlands 2. I palyed Siren and built her heavily CC. I had leveled Motion up to Converge and used Implosion grenades, so I would Phaselock someone, they would all get pulled in, then toss an implosion grenade and it would pull them closer and apply whatever status effect that grenade does. I wish I'd had a Zero build to the skill where if he kills someone in Deception it resets Deception. So basically I Phaselock and grenade, then Zero would go in and nuke everyone without ever leaving Deception.
  11. I'm too much of an extrovert to play single player games. I love multiplayer games. MMOs, MOBAs, TF2, really psyched for Overwatch, GMod. I lvoe multiplayer. I do still enjoy single player games, but I will take a multiplayer game over it. Recently I started playing Child of Light, and I'm really impressed, but I can't play for long because I get bored by myself. I love interacting with people, which is why I always play with friends and link through Skype when I party up on Smite, I get my party on Skype and we turn off Curse unless we're playing Ranked which isn't too terrible often. But usu
  12. SonicRainDash

    Music Favorite Song Lyrics

    I've seen a lot of stuff I know in this thread and a lot of stuff I don't know, so I figured I'd post some of my favorite lyrics. I think I know how the spiler works, if I don't and get it wrong, I'm sorry [spoiler=In One Ear- Cage the Elephant] They say that we ain't got the style We ain't got the class We ain't got the tunes that's Gonna put us on the map And I'm a phony in disguise Tryin' to make the radio I'm an anti-social anarchist I sound like so and so They say I'm just a stupid kid Another crazy radical Rock'n'roll is dead I probably should have stayed in school Another generation
  13. Of Wolf And Man Harvester of Sorrow Enter Sandman One Creeping Death Sad But True Wherever I May Roam Master of Puppets Fuel Nothing Else Matters
  14. SonicRainDash

    Gaming Anyone play Destiny?

    I personally don't like Destiny. I played the Beta, started playing the actual game, and became frustrated with lack of a coherent story, the lack of the MMO qualities that Bungie promised us, the fact that it took me and hour and a half to kill teh first raid becaue my weapon dealt about 1/4 of the damage it's supposed to do to it. The raid wasn't even challenging. I've seen a 24 man run of Draigoch's Lair in LOTRO and saw the team coordination of it, and what's the Destiny raid? 4 people sitting behind walls pouring ammunition into a non moving target. Woop woop. SO thrilled. nice visuals, t
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