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    Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink. ~Lilly Pulitzer
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    ~Wine And Wine
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  1. Social butterfly... own it, honey! A lot of my friends are like that too
  2. Dreampuff


    Beautiful! I absolutely love it! And I'll admit I got a D in geometry in high school, so I don't know much about fashion design (I know, I know.... Rarity would be weeping) but I can definitely help you with anything makeup related! It would be my pleasure! Just message me if you have questions
  3. Lolol gotta love fandom nerds..... oh wait that's all of us
  4. Appearance obsessed family? Haha preaching to the choir Edit* HOLY CRAP, I JUST REALIZED YOUR DISPLAY NAME IS SUSHI. I like you
  5. Dreampuff

    Is your OC considered attractive?

    Probably.... for all her primping, she should be
  6. That totally qualifies. We'll just call you a freshman rocker
  7. Dreampuff


    I've honestly never tried cosplay before, but being part of the fandom has sparked some interest
  8. Dreampuff


    AAAHHH! Other makeup artist bronies exist?! I currently work in theatre makeup, but I'm hoping to expand and start doing runway makeup too
  9. Do you play any musical instruments? If so, probably rockers
  10. Dreampuff

    Poll: Favorite Holiday Drink? :)

    I'm American. I actually did know about mulled wine (my grandmother loves it), but I had no idea it was THIS popular.
  11. Dreampuff

    Music Old or new music?

    I usually like stuff from the 80s onward. I like anything fun and upbeat, but especially stuff with a synthesizer. Fast-paced, dance-y stuff.
  12. Dreampuff

    Poll: Favorite Holiday Drink? :)

    Oh my! I have never heard of that, but it sounds absolutely delicious! Will have to try!
  13. Dreampuff

    How did you find your avatar ?

    My avatar is my OC. It was drawn for me
  14. Dreampuff

    General Coffee Drinkers UNITE!

    I am very much a Starbucks drive-through person. Macchiatos and mochas tend to be what I order most.