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  1. facepalm

    1. Adamgreen


      What's wrong? And why did u unfriend me on steam?!?

  2. Oh god please don't even, its a horrible idea. This gave me nightmares: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RmmPJctra0 I think it says enough about a live action Equestria Girls.
  3. deck 2 is breached prepare for quarantine! JK, hope you have a good time on the forums.
  4. Well concerning Sunset Overdrive, I think is a game where you either have to play it with no personality or be prepared to be made fun of. It is like some comedians where they make fun of everything and everyone and hope they get chuckles out of them. This is not to say I don't like it cause I watch South Park and stuff like that but some people might be a little sensitive. Concerning the second question the media has probably got other people to poke and laugh at but they will cover any story just as long as they get extra views.
  5. Hi! How are you today? :3

    1. Koppony


      Yo, just like any day: bored

    2. CinnamonPop


      *huggles* I hope your day goes better!

    3. Koppony
  6. In my opinion the reason there is no non-unicorn pony villians is because unlike unicorns the other race of ponies don't have the risk of becoming power crazed because of magic.
  7. The show that I think deserves to be cancelled include Star Wars Rebels, it necessarily bad and I wouldn't care much if it stayed but Star Wars the Clone Wars fans were expecting another great insight to star wars instead we get this watered down cliche coming of age story with a goofy "kid" friendly looking animation (boo bring back Star Wars 1313). Other than that any shittily 3d animated shows also deserve to be cancelled.
  8. I love it, as if blur wasn't already good enough.
  9. I love this one, I have the Derpy version of it, it was a hard choice between Luna and Derpy. http://www.redbubble.com/people/mikeaguy1/works/8596926-princess-luna?p=t-shirt
  10. Well back in the day at my other high school (with the same initials as canterlot high school) I was bullied a lot because I was not into the same stuff as others like LOL and sports, then one day I was bored and decided to check out MLP and I loved it. This probably kept me from going insane and murdering everyone at my old school and also introduced me to a great fandom as well as opened my eyes for other cartoons like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. Without MLP my life would have turned out differently.
  11. So I was not the only one that this happened to. I played the beta and I was like yeh this a good start and it looks epic but when I actually played the FULL GAME it lasted 2 weeks and got bored, I kept coming back sometimes hoping it would be better but their updates don't do shit, this isn't like ESO where updates add major content.