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  1. I ..."loved".. it only for the Pathetic and Friendless Trixie... ..that once again becomes "Great and Powerful" thanks to the friendship of Starlight..... ............................... .... .....okay this is an animated series centered on friendship. .. ..BUT.... ,,the obsession that this animated series has for friendship (and having to make friends at all costs) is something that is causing me ....nauseous. and..the "talents" exist even without the friendships. For the rest, well...go to hell Starlight Glimmer. For me it would be nice to forge a friendship with Big Mac ando also DJ Pon-3, Derpy etc.
  2. I'm ashamed to say, but right now I feel a bit like a small child. How is it possible? Trixie is the name. Trixie is the magic. You know, it's just a cartoon, though .. it's strange.
  3. I brush my teeth in the morning only after I had breakfast.Then brush my teeth after lunch and then after dinner. In addition, the bacteria in the mouth constantly proliferate. Even if you do not eat.
  4. - Ember seems to be a cool character - Rarity is always fabulous - Spike is a cuddly
  5. ..The main event match..... meh Anyway, it's always nice to see The Rock. Maybe I was expecting from him a catchphrase like: "who are you three roody poos?" However, finally a more dignified title for the women's division.. maybe
  6. I really liked the episode, mostly because I like Maud Pie. It is also fun to see Pinkie Pie and Rarity together.
  7. "meh"....... anyway.. who the hell is this pony? a brony pony?
  8. though Christmas has passed... by PixelKitties:
  9. I totally agree with you on this thing. More than paranoia is my distrust for the people. However, I'm convinced that revolve around marijuana many unfounded rumors, by both sides. I personally would be in favor of legalization, mainly because I want that people who uses it in a responsible way, has a chance to smoke safely. Also, if I were against legalization I'd be a little hypocritical. But I reserve some doubt about the many "benefits" that people attribute to the legalization of marijuana.
  10. I don't know...It happened to me to try it and it was okay. But I also think the fact that it is a totally different thing from the tobacco and that not everyone reacts the same way, especially if you acquire the "habit" of smoking it frequently. I don't think is correct reasoning like: "if alcohol and tobacco are legal, then even marijuana" is a dangerous argument. Certainly I think that marijuana is much less dangerous than alcohol, marijuana, tomorrow what else? one day, it could become legal any real crap. So, I support legalization for medical use.......for the rest I don't know. A part of me would say "yes" also for recreational use...but,the fact is that I don't trust people. One thing is smoking marijuana occasionally, another is smoking it regularly and without problems of any kind.
  11. I was born in 1987,so I'm in the 26-30 group
  12. I did not understand the question. If I were born as a pony of Equestria then it would be a natural thing right? Whereas, if I was born human and then I had turned into a pony for a short time, then NO. ... but it would be sweet and embarrassing at the same time. Anyway, I'm invisible everywhere, so I don't run any risk with anyone.