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    That about sums it up! XD

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  1. Attack of the Pwns

    Luna's bullying you in your dreams. What do you do?

    Assuming I’m a pony in Equestria while all of this is going on? I’d go directly to the source - I’d make a trip to Canterlot and try to find a way to get an audience with Luna herself. Bullying somebody in their dreams would be way out of character for her, so I’d want to alert her in case the Tantabus or some other vile creature was about to pounce on Ponykind.
  2. Attack of the Pwns

    Are most Bronies right wing/conservative?

    We have a healthy mix of all political viewpoints, and I’ve been surprised with the diversity of views around this place (I used to assume most of the fandom was liberal). I’m a Tea Party conservative myself.
  3. Attack of the Pwns

    What's your reason to start a war with the avatar above you?

    Your avatar mlem’d at me. This means WAR!
  4. Attack of the Pwns

    i need a timeout from this place

    We’re going to miss you @Mesme Rize, I hope your break helps you unwind, and hopefully when you return the show discussion isn’t a political debate. Also, don’t know if you consider it part of the forums or not, but as far as I’m concerned you’re always welcome to drop by on movie night, I’ve never seen our conversation there get political. In the meantime, rest up and we will be looking forward to your return.
  5. Attack of the Pwns

    What's The Weather Like Right Now Where You Live?

    41* Fahrenheit, no wind, and dry. It would be sunny, but it’s 11:00 pm here, so...yeah, I guess clear is the correct term.
  6. Attack of the Pwns

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

    Gone Pwns Airbourne Attack
  7. Attack of the Pwns

    National Hug A Pony Day

    The fact that this day exists makes me incredibly happy.
  8. Attack of the Pwns

    Count Dankula Found Guilty Of Telling A Joke

    I’ll make this clear from day one- nazism is fricking stupid. It doesn’t help conservatism when people see this sort of crud. Regardless, what the UK has done here is reprehensible. I know that the United Kingdom has never been as free as the US, but if this is where the bar is set, then they might as well go ahead and turn in their “world superpower” status. If you can’t take a joke, even a really dumb one, then something is wrong. Fans of free speech over in Europe really should be thinking about moving to the U.S., because we need all the pro-first amendment voices we can get, and Europe looks to be a lost cause at this point.
  9. Attack of the Pwns

    The Undateables

    Sometimes this is for the best. You know, I always thought that being in a relationship with a beautiful girl was my ultimate goal, too- until I actually managed to get close to a few of them. I found them to be shallow, money-hungry shysters who dated dudes to get quick and easy cash, and nothing more. I know not all girls are like this, but I count being single as a blessing after what I saw and heard when I was hanging around the “popular” girls in high school. Remember, you can be a happy bachelor. If women choose not to pursue you, it’s their loss, and when they find themselves growing into old maids all alone, they’ll regret wasting large portions of their life chasing after the Tom Cruise-types and not settling down with a guy such as yourself when they had the chance. Not trying to be spiteful, but they’ll miss you a lot more when they grow old then you will them. Sometimes, too, there are women who realize that looks aren’t everything as they grow older. Perhaps you’ll meet someone you love later in life, who knows. I think, too that this has more to do with dating in general than with being “unattractive”. Unfortunately, in this post-feminism society, we men are objected to a whole lot more objectification than our grandfathers and fathers were. Women don’t need to be married to live fulfilling lives, which is a good thing, but it has the unfortunate side effect of meaning that fewer and fewer women will settle for an “average joe”. It’s a fact of the world we live in, and we all just need to learn how to cope.
  10. Attack of the Pwns

    Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

  11. Attack of the Pwns

    General Car or Motorbike

    Drive both and go with what makes you happy. If you’re a bike guy, you’ll never be happy stuck in a “cage”. If you’re not a bike guy, bikes tend to be frightening and not worth the hassle. Give em both a try, and if you can, try a variety of each-try a sport bike, a tourer, a scrambler, and a cruiser. Try a regular sedan, a sports coupe, a pickup, an SUV, and maybe even try a classic (pre-90s) car. You might be surprised what you find attractive if you open up your options. This is the best way I know of to make sure you get exactly what you want. Look,at what you can afford, and try it all out. Then make your decision based on economic and emotional factors.
  12. Attack of the Pwns

    What are your thoughts on Canada?

    Climate-wise, it’s too cold most of the year for my tastes. Mountains there are beautiful, but then again, the Colorado Rockies are close enough to the experience for it to not be worth the trek for me. In terms of Politics/Society, they are way too liberal for me. I’m a conservative nationalist, and a proud Deplorable. No thank you to national healthcare and penalties for “misgendering”someone. So yeah, Canada isn’t where I want to be. TBH, I see it as just a colder version of the American Midwest with more French speakers and worse Politics. My home state of Kansas is much more to my tastes. However, the people there are nice and, as I said earlier, some of the natural landmarks are beautiful. So it’s not a total loss.
  13. Attack of the Pwns

    Spoiler Season 8 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    Do we have a release date on SE 8 yet? It should be only a couple months away, if the6 are doing this as per normal.
  14. Attack of the Pwns

    Post your unpopular opinions

    1. The quality of MLP has gotten dramatically better over the past 3 seasons. 2. Adding Starlight Glimmer to the cast was a great idea. 3. Th United States is best country, and Kansas is best state. 4. Converting most forms of transport to electric power will be worse for the environment than using internal combustion engines. 5. The world is a better place today than it was 30, 50, or 100 years ago. We have unique new issues, but we're better off.
  15. Attack of the Pwns

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word