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    animals, children, writing, reading, people, spirituality, documentaries, children's movies, researching a host of different topics in both academic journals and more casually, subverting dominant paradigms, smiling, science (particularly quantum physics, which I am learning about), finding more sources for fluttershy and twilight sparkle merchandise that is unique because I feel I am a mixture of both of them, fantasy and science fiction books and tv shows as well as legal and forensic ones. Wow, I'd say that's enough for now.

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  1. Thanks. I like graphic novels too. I will check them out!
  2. I agree that bookworms are amazing. Reading is the best. I personally relate to Twilight's love for studying things, her perfectionism (remember her fear of being sent back to Magic Kindergarten when she didn't have the letter for Princess Celestia...yep, I can relate to this fully and admit to being uncomfortable when I saw that episode, remembering my own meltdowns over projects and deadlines). I love her ability to calm her friends without shaming them, to say what's really going on or ask what is the same way. And I think that we have really been able to see this evolve really been able to see her evolve and grow, which is great. She helps me as all good fictional characters do. To be braver and to risk more. To fear less. Go Twilight.
  3. Welcome Friendly SG, I hope you like it here and make many friends. I'm glad you are getting more into the show and enjoying it. Have fun!
  4. Thank you. :-) This is very in depth and I will check it out. All of it looks interesting, and especially the journal of the two sisters. I read and love both physical and Kindle books now...I'm very new to Kindle but so far liking it. Thanks again.
  5. I still like it. I like Maud a lot, and I think the diversity she represents is great, even with flowers. I will probably get her and am glad that they are making a figure of her.
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to the comics and books and am wondering which you all recommend that deal with the origins of the kingdom, the early days of Luna and Celestia, Queen Chrysalis, and/or anything about the elements of harmony on a more in depth scale, etc. Thanks.
  7. Hi LyraBae, Welcome! It is nice to meet you and I hope you like it here and make new friends. I like Fluttershy too. I think it is nice that you are getting into fan fiction and I would love to see it if you choose to post it here.
  8. You're welcome, Sommar. I think it may be a good fit for you.
  9. Yes, it really does. Thank you. :-) Thank you everyone. This helps a lot. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't inadvertently breaking the rules.
  10. What do you most want to do as a social worker thus far? I also wanted you to know, if you don't already, that social work has a branch/level called the Macro level. If you like sociology, and you also very much like reading and study, you might like it. It encompasses teaching, consulting, speaking, writing, training other social workers or other professionals about various issues they might not otherwise know about, developing curriculum for social programs, colleges, residential programs, etc. About 25 percent of us do macro level work, and also many social workers also do micro work (one on one counseling or couples counseling) and mezzo (group work) as well as macro work at various times in our career.
  11. Hi everyone!

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      Hi! How are you doing? *hug, if you like*


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      That's good. So am I right now. :-)

  12. Welcome Eddie Canter, I really liked reading your introduction and I think your name is very clever as I am a fan of broadway, various music genres and also of word play. It is interesting to read your views on the show and I hope to hear more of them and also that you have a great time and meet lots of friends here however you choose to participate
  13. Hi Calena, Welcome! It's good to see you here. I hope you enjoy it and make lots of friends. I think your English is very good and I'm glad you are studying literature and want to teach. That is great. I am pleased to meet you.