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    Music mainly. I mainly play the drums, but I can play the guitar, bass, and the keyboard.

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  1. Just had a four hour sleep after a 25 hour LOOOOONG day of no sleep, work, and band rehearsal. So I'm just a wee bit tired. :3

  2. Wonderful work! I luvs it. May your talents be known all through out the magical kingdom!
  3. Ugh! Stupid anti-virus keeps thinking this website is harmful to me! D:

    1. Dreampuff


      Me too! What do you use, Avast?

    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      It can be very addictive.. :P

    3. Caramel Monsoon
  4. My car keys. But that's mainly cause my daughter finds them and makes off with em.
  5. just started listening to ponyville FM, and I love it! :D

  6. Thanks! Hopefully we can have a great time together! Party!!
  7. Just gave my daughter a bottle and got coffee while watching House M.D.
  8. Demon hunter - deteriorate. Discovered this song awhile back. Really good song,made my feel bads awesome
  9. Welcome to our wonderful forum for all of your sugary goodness and friendships!
  10. The last thing I had to drink and currently drinking right now is coffee!!! *starts to shake in my chair*
  11. Just started watching mlp just a day or two ago, and instantly knew pinky pie is my favorite. Just so full of life and happiness.
  12. Thanks Stardust Balance, I will
  13. I agree. Seems like there's a lot of lovely ponies here I'll do my best not to be so shy. Thanks!