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  1. o3o

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    2. Inax


      o3o my "Wut" meter just went through the roof o3o ~boops your muzzle~

    3. Freikorpist Jonas

      Freikorpist Jonas

      ......... >:T *Boops back* ^^

    4. Inax


      >w< Meeeew ~huggle wuggles chu<3~

  2. Rural. And by Celestia, its WAY too isolated. Living in a ranch, 10 acres of mesquite, rocks, and grass. Dirt or muddy roads. 4 doges. And one pony. Cute pony . w. The nearest town is like 10 minutes away, but for cities, pffff, 20+ miles from where I'm at. That is like the same distance as to where I have to get to the university I'm attending. This living is taking a toll on me. So lonely Q ^Q
  3. "Hmm, didn't get to say hi to her. Meh, maybe next time." Inax lets out a sigh. "Skitz, you're silly =3= Now, we were schedule to fight right? Been waiting for a couple of days to finally fight you. Had to keep freezing time back home. Hope that machine keeps working."
  4. _,_ Gonna play Skyrim again... >:3 as an awesome Illusionist Muaha! I guess I'll do Dawnguard before I get back onto the main quest.

    1. Sgamer


      I love the Destruction school of magic so much that I've never looked into making other types of mages. >.>

  5. Inax is left with a blank face ._ . "I think I gave you brain damage all of a sudden." He backs away from Skitz. "Anypony have any schizo-pills for this pony o~ o" He shakes his head to wiggle off the tension on his cheeks. "And I'm not a hobo? And I don't have any gold either :\"
  6. A random pillow flies towards Skitz and hits him softly in the face. Inax yawns and scratches his ear with his hind hoof. "Mmmm....oh look, a pillow just hit your face. Hope it didn't scratch or hurt anything." He picks up the pillow and hugs it. "Kind of fell out of bed and pop back here again."
  7. That was mean. So what about this announcing thing = -=
  8. Nirvana - In Bloom (Dang character limit..)
  9. Ahhhhhhhhh...right. Ok then @Unicorncob Ha, you got the reference.
  10. I'm not your guy, friend. Well, when ever your ready. Its late here, but at least we can start or something...
  11. Stupid weather. Shouldn't have played Song of Storms when I was messing with my ocarina... Well, I'm still home. Internet is hanging on.
  12. I'm going to be sleeping over at my grandma's. So I won't be on here as frequent till Saturday. (I'm limited to what I can do here so... . w. Give Electron some love and a big hug for me hee hee Yah...)
  13. "Even if I lose, I wouldn't mind really." A spiked claw appear from the barrel, each finger wiggling. "Woo, all is good." The cannon returns back to regular hoof. "Hee hee, you know, I know somepony back home that has the same attitude as you." Inax put the screwdriver back into his sweater pocket. "He always gets his butt whooped. ow - I feel sorry that you keep getting you plot owned by this Ice pony. You'll someday exact your revenge one day...but then get back to the bottom and start over again .w ."