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    ♫ Atop the fourth wall, looking down on us all.. ♪
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  1. BANNED Because that's not how that works.
  2. BANNED Because... Oh, I don't know. Swords? Lasers? ICBMs?
  3. BANNED Because Christmas makes the Earth go 'round.
  4. BANNED For mentionning the pony police.
  5. BANNED For trying to do productive things during holidays. Leave that to regular days. xD
  6. BANNED Because who's gonna believe you? :3 I magicked them.
  7. BANNED Because I'm totally not secretly a changeling or anything.
  8. BANNED Because I'm way too lazy to do that.
  9. BANNED Because of other unreleated reasons.
  10. BANNED Because joking ponies don't carry guns.