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  1. I really, really enjoyed this episode. I really liked seeing what looked to be an actual horse have a significant role in an episode. I really liked Troubleshoes as a character. Clumsy, but mellow and good-hearted. Characters like that just warm my heart. I liked seeing Braeburn come back. We've seen him at the Apple family reunion in season 3, and briefly at the end of the season 4 finale, but it's nice to see his character in full action, with speaking lines and humor and such. Surprised the "AAAAAA-PPLEOOSA" thing wasn't incorporated into this episode (or maybe it was, I watched the episode 3 hours ago and I may not have remembered). But I think his appearance was a win. The CMC obviously haven't learned much about listening to reason or doing what the adults tell them to. But I do think they're on the road to becoming less reckless, and more exploratory in a productive & mature way that may actually lead to their cutie marks. The only thing I think could have made the episode better is if Little Strongheart appeared. Overall, this was a very good episode, in my opinion.