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  1. So, the Washouts, who display a flagrant disregard for safety, wear helmets. Whereas, the Wonder Bolts, who are sticklers for safety, don't wear helmets. Interesting...
  2. No, Lighting Dust didn't die. It is likely that she ended up in a full body, wing, and hoof cast, eating through a straw though.
  3. In the light of recent events, I stand corrected.
  4. When they have pony ears, and tails, and they "pony up", and float/fly around shooting weaponized rainbows, they have cutie marks. You can't see them because they are under their clothes. When they go back to being normal the marks fade away. Except for Sunset Shimmer. She always has a cutie mark because she is a pony from Equestria.
  5. WTF Hoity Toity? Are you a donkey? Why do you have donkey long ears even? If you aren't a donkey? Maybe Hoity Toity is a mule. That is the name for a horse (in this case pony) and donkey hybrid animal.
  6. While you do have a point about helping someone who says they don't want help, that is just way too heavy of an interpretation of the moral here (in my opinion). Try this metaphor. Last October, when hurricane Matthew wrecked through, the following day, the people that had chainsaws were out clearing roads, and helping neibors with fallen trees in their yards. People with large deep freezers full of meat, fearing it would go bad with no electricity, began barbecuing, and inviting everyone in the neiborhood, others would join bringing corn, and other food. I had a large tarp I use when camping,
  7. Let me see if I got this straight. Princess Twilights castle, and the cutie magic table/map thing happened when the mane six gave up the elements of harmony to save the tree of harmony because Tirek.And because of some intetense other stuff? (That SG had nothing to do with) Starlight glimmer gets cutie map missions now?W?T?F?!! Yes, we are all Twilight going "WTF?!" here. And it is a completely solid Celestia/ Luna episode that we have all been wanting! Switching ROYAL cutie marx , and it works...? Just wow! Oh Starlight Glimmer, how you make all the first four seasons irre
  8. Since nobody ever answered this; the bit of dialogue you missed was, in my opinion, one of the funniest lines in the episode. The set-up is that the CMC are wondering why Big Mac is going to "Starlights old village" (apparently that is it's only name) so frequently. Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo answer two different things at the exact same time, making an unintelligible noise, then slightly later, but as not to get lost in the unintelligible noise, we hear Apple Bloom answer "..to get away from the smell". So basically Apple Bloom theorizes that Big Mac is making frequent, out of
  9. Yes, going all the way back to the bison in "Over a Barrel". And he almost had the yaks until they learned that "music is a lie!" And if dragons had cutie marks the map probably would have sent him to Griffonstone.
  10. The love the writers are showing for Spike this season is unprecedented! From his interaction with Starlight in the season opener, to Gauntlet of Fire, and now this. He is indeed not Hum-Drum, the bumbling sidekick just thrown in as a punching bag for weak gags that fall short. The time he has spent as Twilights number one assistant is shining through. All the friendship lessons that Twilight has learns over the years has not gone un noticed by Spike. We are starting so see that all those lessons Twilight learned (the ones that qualified her to be a princess) Spike has also taken to hear
  11. First "The Gift of Maud Pie", and now this! Rarity and Pinkie are proving to have really nice chemistry in the episodes they share. Also, nice to have an explanation for why we haven't seen the cutie map this season. I thought maybe it had gone the way of "the Journal of Friendship" did after season four. Pinkie sure knows good food when she smells it. (think the muffins in "Cutie Map part one, and the scones in "Lost Treasure of Griffonstone") She works in a bakery! But, she wasn't fashionable, or influential enough to draw in customers to the restaurant. Rarity, on the other hoo
  12. The episode opens with the conflict of fluttershys brother unable to support himself, and living at home. Most of the episode is spent reinforcing the fact that Zephyr is an unemployable douche. Rainbow Dash, and fluttershy sing at him, so he graduates, and gets a degree in "mane therapy". Episode ends with him still living with his parents. And conflict resolved. Also, where does Rainbow Dash have room to criticize anyone for taking naps, as we have frequently been shown her doing just that ( although, in all fairness, Dash probably was taking a well deserved rest after a hard half day
  13. Most of the time when it gets to be Wednesday, and I haven't had the time to comment on an episode (busy as AJ), everything that I would have to comment on has already been said, so I end up not posting. But this hasn't come up yet in eleven pages, so I'll go ahead and mention it. How are we to believe that AJ has so many chores on the farm that she can't even get away for a few hours to go to the spa? How do those chores get done when she has to go to Manehatten with Rarity? Who does the chores when she goes camping? Someone must be able to feed the pigs when the entire Apple family goe
  14. I hope the reason is to sell more Vinyl Scratch merch!
  15. colt .45

    Vinyl Scratch Fan Club!

    Vinyl has been showing up on the show a lot recently. I hope this means more merch!
  16. "Instant classic" is the first description that comes to my mind. The animation, and songs were exquisite. On these forums people frequently ask what a good episode to show someone who is not a MLP fan would be, to showcase what makes this show special to us. I think this episode fits that, as everyone is familiar with the source material. The only thing that could have made this any more perfect, would have been if it was an hour long special, at a more appropriate time of the year. P.S. I would like to add that as a non-christian, that dose'nt celebrate Christmas, I have a
  17. Best Spike episode ever! Almost makes up for "Princess Spike" (...almost)
  18. In "Stare Master" she is shown to have a chicken coop, so she might sell eggs.
  19. Good catch! I mistakenly wrote the number of responses to the topic instead of the number of votes. Corrected now. Thank you!
  20. I was feeling kind of Twilight Sparkley, and decided to compile some numbers for no particular reason. Not sure this will invoke much discussion, but some might find it interesting. So, according to the polls in season discussion, here's what you all thought about season five: Episodes one and two- "the cutie map" 423 of us voted. The results are: Hated it- 2, Didn't like it- 6, Meh- 25, Liked it- 146, Loved it- 243. Ep. Three- "Castle Sweet Castle" 246 votes Hated it- 2, Didn't like it- 8, Meh- 42, Liked it- 97, Loved it- 95 Ep. Four "Bloom and Gloom" 250 votes
  21. Yes, it did. It was "Let the Rainbow Remind you". One of the best songs in the series, in my opinion.
  22. What a great way to end a great season! I only have one very minor not to pick, and that is that I was hoping the episode would address the various sightings of Starlight Glimmer that they teased us with throughout the season. It seems like that should have gone somewhere.
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