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  1. I call her "Bubbles", because that's what her cutie mark is telling me.
  2. In the Journal of the Two Sisters, before Celestia and Luna raised the sun and moon, a team of six umicorns raised and lowered the sun and moon. It took so much magic to do so, that they would eventually deplete all of their magic and need to be replaced. It didn't kill them, but essentially rendered them to earth ponies with a horn.
  3. If you didn't happen to see "Rainbow Rocks" in a theatre, you might not appreciate just how epic it was when the giant, magical, friendship, alicorn appeared and defeated the Sirens. That thing was like thirty feet tall!!! Still a good scene, just nowhere near as awesome on even a big screen TV. From the first movie,I liked near the end when Spike talks, and the guy says " woah, did that dog just talk?" And Spike says "really, a talking dog is what you find weird about all of this?"
  4. Thanks a lot, thread! Now I've got "shine like rainbows" stuck in my head! Actually, even without this thread, that song is frequently stuck in my head, its a great song. Also, I've seen "Rainbow Rocks" a lot more.
  5. With this new outfit, Sunset Shimmer is the only person at Canterlot High that dose'nt have a cutie mark on her clothing. Which just seems really wrong, considering she is the only one at that school that has ever had an actual cutie mark! makes her who she is! How do they just leave that off of her outfit?
  6. Unfortunately, I had points deduced for not drawing loopy letters. A lot of my "A" grade papers got a "B" for not being cursive enough. Kinda the same shit as when you single space, instead of double spacing. Yep, I fail the April fifteenth, government math test every year! That shit is hard. At least its not written in cursive. Goose quill calligraphy is beautiful too. It is awesome to develop your art skills at drawing letters and fonts! It is a noble pursuit, if you do it on your own time. But face it, it's is not a critical life skill that should proceed a more valuable lesson.
  7. True story. At rthe school I went to for kindergarten and first grade, they taught loopy-letter (cur-sed writing) in second grade. When my family moved, I was in a different school district, that taught cursed writing in first grade. So I never learned it. I can sometimes pick up what somebody is writing if I decipher hard. And that's if they are good at drawing the letters that way. As an artistic person, I have been facanated by drawing fonts. When I draw loopy letters it takes awhile to think about the shape and how they should be drawn. Basically, it is kind of more of an artistic drawing skill than a standardized written communication skill. I admire the artist in someone with well honed penmanship skills. It can be pleasing to look at visually. But, the BIG but, is that people that don't possess the skills make horrible, indecipherable, hieroglyphics that nobody can read. This is the opposite of communication, which is the whole point of writing shit in the first place! Infact, I think that teaching primitive fire-making would be a much more practical skill to teach.
  8. Princess Luna, Sunset Shimmer would like to have a word with you... PMV- Princess Luna "My Past is Not Today":
  9. I don't think the new clothes look as good. Oh well, at least I like her new boots.
  10. I think I just dreamed I saw the best episode ever! If this dose'nt seal the deal that Luna is the best princess I don't know what will. I don't think any of the other princesses could have had as deep, or compelling story. And we thought "Bloom and Gloom" had Inception references! The call-backs! Power ponies! Flutterbat! Sir Spike! Rainbow Power! The not call back, dream wack! Lyra-Bon! Alicorn Princess Mac! Evil Angel! Giant Derpy! The tantibus looked like Luna's tail. When she was chasing it, it was like she was chasing her own tail. Which, as it turns out, she was.
  11. I gotta say I'm not a fan of the half length jacket ( in real life or in cartoons). I liked the classic black leather jacket with the studs on the collar. The purple T shirt has her cutie mark on it ( just like everyone else's clothing in Equestria girls) the new outfit dose'nt seem to feature her cutie mark at all. The old skirt is tighter, and to me, looks a lot better. The only change I see as an improvement, is her new boots. Seriously, those old boots were hideous. Her old look reflected her "bad girl" image (leather jacket, tight skirt), so I think they changed her look to fit with her reformed image. I personally like the "bad girl" look. I also notice that they changed her overall color scheme. The old was orange, purple, yellow and black. They have dropped the purple altogether, and instead went with a light blue, which goes nice with her eyes (do girls actually try to match their clothes to their eye color?), and the orange, which was prominently featured on her old skirt, is now just an accent on the sleeves of the stupid half jacket. It would seem that people that care about things like which colors go together, and which colors "clash", usually would say that the colors orange and purple fall into the category of colors that clash. (...or so I've been told while wearing those colors). So her original colors may have been designed to clash as to match her role as an antagonist. Are the screen shots you posted from "My Past Is Not Today" video. Maybe that outfit was just a one-off costume change for the video to differentiate stage wear from street clothes.
  12. Mitch wrote both episodes. And he is the story editor this season, which was Meghan's job before she became an alicorn princess. Oh yeah, your question. "Slice of Life" AND "Amending Fences" both featured callbacks and background characters. With a little bit of story for AJ, Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie, these could have been "A Very Special", hour long, one hundredth episode.
  13. I'll let Malcolm explain it... Malcolm McLaren - you need hands:
  14. Well you could look at them like this... Hey! My eyes are up here.
  15. Yes, there are ponies at the gala without clothes. ...but apparently they aren't allowed in the V.I.P. area.
  16. The dress code in Equestria dose'nt seem to have much rhyme or reason. It obviously dose'nt serve the same function as clothing does for us. Here's some observations I have made: it denotes rank in military (ie, you can tell a pony is a Wonder Bolt, or a royal guard) in "wonderbolt academy", Spitfires uniform denoted that she outranked the cadets. In "Winter Wrap Up" the team leaders wore vests. Another function seems to be related to a pony's occupation. The last function seems to be purely fashion related, clothing is worn, to look fabulous, as Rarity would say. In "best night ever" when they were getting dressed, Rarity told Spike to leave the room, and AJ said "you know we don't usually wear clothes". In "A Canterlot wedding", when the changelings attacked, they all ripped their clothes off to go fight. There is a character named "Fancy Pants" who literally dose not even wear pants!. So the best I can make of all this is that if a pony is wearing clothes, A) it is to show their occupation or because they like the way it looks. Nopony seems to be offended by a pony's lack of clothing, even in locations where most of the others are wearing clothes. This leads me to believe that, no there is not any rules that require a pony to wear clothing for any situation, with the possible exception of the military.
  17. I know chimichangas are Mexican food but...
  18. I'm having a hard time grasping the size of her castle. Sometimes it dose'nt seem like it's much bigger than Golden Oaks library. So maybe it isn't large enough to have staff quarters. It was a gift from the tree of harmony, so it could be just large enough for Twi and her friends. As far as Twilight, she seems like she might prefer to be seen as a "peoples princess". She never wears her crown, or any of the other princess costume stuff, like fancy hoof shoes, or the necklace things that all the other princesses wear, she never uses the "royal Canterlot voice", and she's never played the princess card for any privlages, she didn't even remind the liberain that she was a princess when she was shushing her. You make a valid point that she does seem to need help. And maybe even guards. I could see her reluctantly having a light day staff, and with a potential stalker having two guards assigned outside the front doors. Another possibility is that she is not a "full"princess yet, and her status is sort of like a "junior" princess. When she advances to "full" princess, she will get the necklace, the hoof shoes, staff, guards, and be expected to wear her crown, it may even be a weird, small crown like the other princesses wear. I could see Twilight and Spike at the Canterlot castle, and Spike asking Twi why they don't have staff and guards at their castle.
  19. In "Sonic Rainboom" an elderly pegasus suggests to Rarity that she should enter the contest.
  20. Slice of Life: Cranky and Matilda get married DragonQuest: dragons are dicks Dog and Pony Show: Diamond dogs enslave Rarity and she bitches so much they paid her to go away Magical Mystery Cure: Twilight becomes a princess Too many Pinkie Pies: There's too many Pinkie Pies Apple Family Reunion: The Apple family has a reunion
  21. So, how do you think the episode did with the few points that were different from your amazingly accurate prediction?
  22. You know the whole "we have to help the Breezies" thing was Fluttershys idea in the first place. She sure told everypony what to do, how to cheer, and even told OTHER pegasi how to help, but she couldn't give a flying flap enough to actually be up there helping. You have wings too, bitch! She should have been there flapping her wings the excessively, particular speed (not too light, not too hard etc.) Instead she leaves it up to other pegasi. Since she knows so much about them, why wasn't she helping? Also, as a species, if the Breezies are so weak that a leaf can fuck their migration up that bad, wouldn't the kindest thing actually be to let natural selection run its course. Then their whole stupid species could either evolve to be able to migrate without depending on another species, or adapt to a food source that didn't require a dangerous migration, or just die off.
  23. "What is life? Is it nothing more than an endless search for a cutie mark? And what is a cutie mark but a consant reminder that we're all just one bugbear attack away from oblivion? And what of the poor gator? Flank forever blank, destined for an existential swim down the river of life an unknowable destiny". -Gummy in "Slice of Life