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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Happy birthday bro. :balloon:

  4. Hey dood. How are you?

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      Odd Ball

      I’m good, it’s been a while since I posted anything here.

  5. So, could you tell me more about what happened after you fled?

  6. I'm glad I can get to know you! You seem like a really cool pony! ^-^

    1. Aurora Glimmer

      Aurora Glimmer

      Aww, thanks! I'm glad you think so. :laugh:

  7. Hey there! How are you doing?

    1. Iam


      Very stressed. It occurred that I am to passionate for Sparklefan1234's "Ask (...) StarTrix" - I of course don't regret this user anything, I'm just disappointed with the situation and myself, I had written a blog about it. Fell free to read.

  8. I'd always assumed Discord was from the same dimension as Mr. Mxyzptlk.
  9. I always enjoy it when Starlight Glimmer's a little snarky, self-centered or ill-tempered because those are the times in which Starlight feels like a villain who's trying to change her ways. I think this is why On The Road to Friendship was such an enjoyable episode: Starlight feels like she's a villain who's trying to change her ways, but still hasn't shaken all her old habits. She's inconsiderate (bringing along three steamer trunks of stuff even when there's clearly no room for them, buying food without Trixie's permission, eating the last haycake and selling Trixie's old caravan), sarcastic and generally a pain in the flank, but you also know she's genuinely friends with Trixie. One reason I enjoy episodes that focus on Trixie and Starlight is that the two of them have a chemistry that's completely different than that of the Mane Six: they'll bicker and insult each other and their egos will clash. You can tell these are two ponies who are still new to this "friendship" thing, making their reconciliation at the end all the more satisfying. As an aside, I liked when Trixie and Starlight made jabs at Twilight Sparkle. It always seemed odd Starlight harbored no animosity towards Twilight, despite having been mortal enemies with her a season prior to her reformation. I always believed Twilight and Starlight's relationship should've been like Goku and Vegeta's in Dragonball, with Starlight initially being resentful of Twilight and only going along with her friendship lessons because she had no other option, but eventually growing to grudgingly respect Twilight while still throwing the occasional jab at her.
  10. That's kind've what I've been doing. Part of the reason Starlight's grown on me is that I started roleplaying as an alternate version of her in the MLP roleplays I do with a friend.
  11. It's unfortunate, because I think a lot of the problems people have with Starlight Glimmer would've been solved if she'd been given more screentime in Season 6. Again, look at Sunset Shimmer: part of the reason Sunset's redemption has worked so well is that she's had enough screentime to be fleshed out and actually is a seventh main character. For all the accusations people make about Starlight taking over the show, she has surprisingly few episodes focused on her for a supposed new main character.
  12. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what the weather in Athens, Greece is like because I live in Athens, Ohio. :mlp_rarity:

  13. Yeah, Starlight's played a bigger role in Seasons 7 and 8 than she did in Season 6. It's a shame, because Season 6 should've been when we got to know Starlight Glimmer. Better late then never, I suppose.
  14. After being away from ponies for a while, I want to catch up on FiM. Anypony know where I can find episodes to watch online?

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      so, your'e in Athens?  what's Greece like this time of year?

    3. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      They're usually found on DailyMotion, and many of the episode threads post-S6 have episode links in the OP. (Whether they're still active or not I don't know.)

    4. Aurora Glimmer

      Aurora Glimmer

      Alright, I'll try going through the episode discussion threads and seeing which links still work.

  15. This has been a problem with Starlight Glimmer since day one: she doesn't get enough screentime for the writers to flesh her out. Her introduction in the Season 5 premiere was excellent and gave us a good idea of who she was, but then she went and disappeared for the rest of the season. She was brought back in the finale, but Starlight's story took a backseat to the alternate timelines. What we got was a disappointing backstory that made Starlight come off as a petty womanchild who was throwing an extended temper tantrum. Instead of expanding upon Starlight's character and motivations, her backstory did the opposite. We never learned how she became skilled enough at magic to hold her own against the Princess of Friendship, nor did we learn how she discovered the Cutie Mark removal spell. Fast forward to Season 6. I'd hoped the writers would expand upon Starlight's backstory and character beyond what we'd been told in the Season 5 finale, but I was sorely disappointed. While Starlight played a central role in both the premiere and finale of Season 6, only two episodes focused on Starlight: No Second Prances and Every Little Thing She Does. She appeared in Spice Up Your Life and The Times They Are a Changeling, but neither of those episodes focused on her ongoing reformation or expanded upon her character. While Starlight did play a major role in A Hearth's Warming Tail, that episode was focused on the story of Snowfall Frost, not Starlight Glimmer. Starlight's redemption should've been a season-long arc that involved her interacting with and learning friendship lessons alongside each of the Mane Six, as well as exploring her past. Because of this, Starlight being thrust into a leading role in the season finale felt awkward because she'd received so little screentime during the rest of the season. In Season 7, she was the focus of All Bottled Up, A Royal Problem, To Change a Changeling and An Uncommon Bond. She also played a major role in the finale as well as Rock Solid Friendship and Celestial Advice, though the latter were Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle episodes, respectively. So far in Season 8, Starlight has been the focus of The Parent Map, A Matter of Principals and On The Road to Friendship and has played supporting roles in the premiere, The Mean 6 and Marks For Effort. Though Starlight hasn't received as much screentime as I would've liked, I think the episodes she's starred in this season have been excellent. However, I also believe Starlight's character and development will always be hindered by the fact FiM is the Mane Six's show and not hers. While I'm not the biggest fan of Equestria Girls, I'll give the writers credit for integrating Sunset Shimmer into the main cast instead of pushing her to the side like FiM has done with Starlight Glimmer. If Starlight had been integrated into the main cast like Sunset was in Equestria Girls, I think she'd be a stronger character overall and less of a base breaker.