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  1. Agreed! More Thorax for season 7! I like his new colors! Easter pastels are my favs and, though the new changeling colors are a little darker, I still love the light and cheery colors.
  2. Even without an amazing song I consider this the best too! I mean...Easter changelings! <3 Glimmy was a real hero too.
  3. But I love pastel and Easter changelings! EXD I getcha on those characters though. I really wanted to see the Four from Starlight's old town team up with her. Oh well, at least we got to see them again. I wasn't expecting that. YAY~! And yeah, makes sense to work up to it. More Chrysy for us! All this because Twilight made some friends in Ponyville. Thorax is one lucky changey to have such good influences. Starlight's idea at the end was pretty genius. Let the love flow!
  4. I getcha. I really look forward to it too! I love her and always wanted her to enjoy a better life. It does make sense for her to feel how she does now. I hope for an S7 return. I know right?! I fell like I'm not even expressing how awesome it was! And Starlight trying to destroy the throne with a rock was amazing. I'm serious though. Starlight was reduced to no power without her magic. But her real power was her strength of character. She would fight with a rock or her bare hooves for her friends if she had to. She's definitely the kind of character I love to love. And admire.
  5. I loved these episodes! Finally after over 4.5 years we get some Chrysy again! (That short shot in an earlier ep doesn't count ) There was just so much I loved in this ender. The fact that we got full on Starlight! A new crew with Starlight, Trixie, Discord, and Thorax. What a team! Kind of broken but that just made it even more entertaining. And Discord's fury at hearing Shy had been taken. I knew he would be raged and for some reason it was awesome to see! Only the throne thing kept this from being a short journey. If I have any complaint with the ender it is merely that Chrysalis did not choose the right thing at the end. I've been wanting her reformed since 2012 and I even wrote a story for it long before "reformation" even became a thing in the show. Hopefully, she'll get a shot in the future like most other characters did but I'm not going to be super hopeful since it took so long just to get this. Chrysy love. <3
  6. Personally I would love to see more of this. I loved how her style was different and most of all her voice! We get the same voices so much that I was surprised by the different voice and very pleased I might add. :idea: Yep. Love the colors too. I liked both hers and Vapor's colors this episode. Angel's voice though was an added bonus.
  7. Easter colors are my favorite! I love Vapor~! Did you see those Vapor cuddles at the end of the episode? So adorbs!
  8. Oh T-Sparks. You old so and so. Yes, the ship is strong. People may indeed have trouble connecting with him because of his arrogance at the start but Vapor was stealing the spotlight even if he wasn't. While I may not agree to it being the top of my list for the season, I do agree it's good. It was a nice break not to have Dashie totally crazy. If anyone was crazy then it was Twi and her love of lectures.
  9. Everypony wants to be a princess~! E:D

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    2. BlackWater627


      LOL, Princess Sweet Pen. You enjoy it? E:D

    3. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen

      Imma Princess Penny, and I shall deliver the sweetness towards all Equestria! jk, i'll deliver vampires.

    4. BlackWater627


      You'll deliver sweet vampires then! ExD

  10. Princess Sky Stinger fanart is on the way, I'm sure. And yeah that was a hilarious moment in the episode. Way to get the wrong conclusion, Sky!
  11. Twilight has innate cuteness skills but it was daw-inducing to watch. In particular, Vapor. I agree it was a cute episode. I wouldn't say it was my favorite or give it 5/5 but I liked it very much.
  12. Yay! Um...I mean....YAR HAR! We need Pirateshy. Also, for some reason Cap'n AJ & the Quest for Treasure Island makes me think of cereal commercials. Yes, perspective is so important and it does not necessarily make one right or wrong. It can simply mean one does not have the full picture or context. Personally, I was really hoping the POV of the episode referred to an episode being completely through the literal eyes of a character. Since I think that would make a really fun episode.
  13. I think you mean to say that "I for one would love to see more adventures of this, YAR HAR" Also, I am a fully licensed scalleywag. Many darlings will be darlinged after this episode, darling. We're bronies. It's just what we do, darling. Votes are coming in and though this is not being voted as spectacular, most people seem to agree it was good and fun. I rate it 5/5 just for the fun jokes.
  14. I know right? Their over the top characterizations just made the episode fun! I suspected about halfway through that they were all trying to use what was familiar to them to break the others away from what they were used to. But it totally makes sense that they would each see the others as being stubbornly in element. Bunyip!
  15. The episode in a nutshell: *Rarity voice* Even Celestia could not sink this ship! Seriously though, I was a fun episode! Plus we got to see a new creature.
  16. You know the saying. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I agree. I actually like it when they bring up serious issues as long as they are faced as issues rather than "just how things are." Starlight has a ways to go on friendship. Kinda like Discord. But they are making honest efforts and apologize when they need to so it's cool.
  17. For the epic magic + SFX at the beginning: 5/5. ExD Seriously though, I loved getting a Starlight episode and it was very entertaining throughout.
  18. I know right? I like how they even mentioned Pinkie and RD would be better there but we got to see how Shy talked to the animals and AJ used her honesty record that the Flim Flam brothers knew about. :idea:
  19. I really liked this episode! It was fun and I usually don't like Flim Flam episodes. This one is their best in my opinion. Also, the double trickery at the end! I did not read that one. Bravo! Was it the casino or the subversion? I can't tell. Indeed, I thought it was very impressive. They've really put so much more into each episode compared to ol' season 1.
  20. This episode was....amazing~! <3 A nice griffon, a song, real CMC time! So much I loved. Also some nice facial expressions. Sweetie Belle's should go up shortly.
  21. Ya know you bring up an interesting point. I wonder if Snails did a lot of magic practice since that episode and that's why he's gotten so much better. Back in that first Trixie episode, he had trouble just using a simple horn light. Then again, it has been implied to be years past in Equestria at this point. :idea:
  22. I would have been fine with it, yes. I think there could be great lessons there too. Also, I think it's really hard to give the "fun is more important" lesson when it comes to competitive games. It's easy with cooperative games but if some people are considered winners and some losers than there's always the counterarguments. i.e. "You just say having fun is the more important because you lost (self consolation)" or "You just say having fun is the more important because you won and aren't feeling the loss (no empathy)". I'm not saying these things are right but they do lurk in people's minds and muddy the lesson.
  23. That would be....amazing! Where's my Trixie emote?! Is the WAU one Trixie? Here, have some Trixie with some free bonus diabeetus. View on Derpibooru (Original source unknown at time of posting) I understand where you're coming from. When it comes to art forms like writing, quality is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, there's a lot of people that think that it is instead objective and push their subjective preferences as law. Enter the lesson from Spice Up Your Life. I'm only a writer to this day because I write what I want and I write to have fun. I determine if I think my writing has issues or not based on feedback, which really annoys the heck out of all those "objective" people that want to dictate my writing directly. There's an old saying though: "The best revenge is massive success." - Frank Sinatra Every day somebody really enjoys one of my stories and it's revenge all over again. IKR, about Snails.
  24. This applies to just about any field or craft too. Which is why I encourage others to practice and keep going if they want to be good at something one day. Because people will try something out (drawing, writing, playing instruments, coding, etc) and then compare against people who have been doing those things for years. It's a false comparison and makes people quit before they even know what they can really do yet.
  25. She almost went Opposite Fluttershy when she lost it. It was quite giggle-inducing. And yeah, Snails was totally archmage of Winterhold here. Maybe he'll go on to be Starlight's magic student when she graduates from Twilight. Anypony is particular you wanted to see there? This is why I get a little frustrated when people pass off some of the things I do as natural talent. It's like saying some people are just born able to do things others can't. When in fact I've worked my tail off to get where I am now. Maybe I had a good start, but it's been practice, practice, practice ever since. :awuh: