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  1. SammySen

    Web When Do You Dislike YouTube Videos?

    LGBT+-Phobia, Racism, Rape jokes, meninists. That's when I dislike. I don't like Rucka Rucka Ali at all. I'm subscribed to BartBaker after the 'I knew you were trouble' parody, but ever since that his other parodies have really unsettled me, and I'm probably going to end up unsubscribing.. I don't like Sam Pepper at all.
  2. SammySen

    Personal Flaws About Yourself?

    Main ones - -My face -My awkwardness -My clumsiness -I procrastinate a lot, which is a bad thing if you wanna be an author -My handwriting -My voice -The spots on my arms -My stomach -I'm very anxious
  3. SammySen

    Favorite songs?

    The list never endssssss The Ghost Of You is one of my favourites but it also makes me sad because I think of a Stucky AU where Scarlett Witch didn't show Steve the hallucination of Peggy, but instead gave him a hallucination where he was dancing with CA:FA!Bucky but the more they danced, the more dead Bucky looks (Not blood, but just his skin goes pale white, his eyes are misty, etc) because im a horrIBLE PERSON WHO CANT HAVE NICE THINGS
  4. SammySen

    Mega Thread What would your cutie mark be? And why?

    Blue Moon, may i just note that I love your signature. (Because Chris Pratt, of course uwu) That is very nice.
  5. SammySen

    Your dream episode

    Demon ponies would be fun. At least, for a supernatural fan like me.
  6. SammySen

    Mega Thread What would your cutie mark be? And why?

    Mine would probably be the AO3 logo. Enough said.
  7. SammySen

    Celestia and Luna's Age

    They're probably a few millennia old.
  8. SammySen

    Your dream episode

    Agreed. That would be good.
  9. SammySen

    Your dream episode

    those are very interesting!!
  10. SammySen

    Name what the avatar above you is

    Your OC, I believe. If someone recognizes mine omg
  11. SammySen

    Rainbow factory

    Dear lord god. Please tell me that they know.
  12. SammySen

    Your dream episode

    Endverse would be pretty cool. There are a few shows I've seen (Powerpuff girls, Supernatural) that had the characters sent to the future, right to the end of their world, to see what would happen. (Powerpuff girls had everyone turn against them and Him became very powerful, and Supernatural had the Croatoan breakout and Dean watched as Lucifer!Sam snapped future!Dean's neck) Like, it turns out a really powerful monster attacked Equestria and the world is about to end, with 5 of the mane 6 aged up and old, but Twilight still young because immortality Alicorn. Good idea. Maybe it would.
  13. SammySen

    Name what the avatar above you is

    Your OC?
  14. SammySen

    I just realized something

    good point. 'Lyra, you're making a fool of yourself.' 'WaHT THE 'HAY' ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT'
  15. SammySen

    Rate song, then post another!

    woah m8. 8