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  1. soul_crusher

    Spoiler my second MLP painting

    As a part of my goal to paint a painting for every new episode of MLP here is my new one.
  2. soul_crusher

    Music Got a Favorite Christian Hymn(s)? this is absolutely my favorite i love this band
  3. soul_crusher

    first video on my channel #shamelessselfpromotion
  4. soul_crusher

    CC_Maud_Pie Fan Club

    i cant argue with your logic
  5. soul_crusher

    to any animators read this

    This is shameless self promotion, but if any animators out there need a voice actor I am a pretty good one. I'm not Terra Strong or Mel Blanc good, but I think I am pretty okay. So if you need one just hit me up. I can't do girls though I will admit, however i can do boys
  6. soul_crusher

    tanks for the memories painting

    it took me a while to make but it was fun and i think i did ok for my first real painting
  7. soul_crusher

    MLP theme parody

    so me and my friend made this song and i want you to hear it
  8. so here is a thing that took 2 seconds to think of and 2 seconds to make
  9. soul_crusher

    S05:E05 - Tanks for the Memories

    this is one of the reasons i really like it i also liked it because it had great humor and slap stick
  10. okay i can not be the only pony who thought this i can't
  11. soul_crusher


    i just became a muffin today so shut up diamond tiara and i am not a blank flank so i made this comic to celabrate
  12. soul_crusher

    Luna Sketch

    good job thats really good
  13. soul_crusher

    my pony self (i tried)

    i tied to make my self as a pony i think i did ok?
  14. soul_crusher

    my pony self (i tried)

    i tied to make my self as a pony i think i did ok?