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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. She wouldn’t leave her life behind over something so petty. Pinkie was OOC and this episode almost made me stop watching the show all together. It was that bad.
  3. Pinkie defeats thanos in endgame I am calling it.
  4. I like to apologize for my long absence where I was is irrelevant. This profile no longer represents who I am anymore. I am not that guy anymore I still like mlp though. 

  5. Wherever you are, I hope you're doing well.

    1. changelingsanddragons


      I am doing fine in fact I forgot I even made this account. Kinda wish I can delete it. Because this isn’t who I am anymore I still like mlp though. I am mostly on tumblr or discord these days. 

  6. Pinkie being useless in this episode reminded me of the horrors of season three and four where she was flanderized. oh joy pinkie going to turn into an annoying twit again isnt she? great this season was going so well with her characterization.
  7. Pinkie is da best especially this season which is why it baffles me that people still being up how she was in season two. I say let it go it's not season two anymore those flaws she had then are none existent she's perfect the way she is.
  8. I say good riddance to him. I stopped liking him after he got overly negative about the show I mean i personally felt the show got better at the fourth season and it continuing to go strong. Don't get me wrong this dude is entitled to his opinion but he didnt need to bloody insult the fandom and called everyone sheep seriously who does he think he is?
  9. Oh yeah hes totally a super saiyan and I am a giant floating pony head from a different dimension.
  10. It's acting. The kid is just trying to get views for his channel. I mean nobody would take anime that seriously unless they are acting and just trying to get attention like this kid is.
  11. I love the chemistry between these two and i like how in the later seasons they are tolerating each other better. RariJack needs more love like AJ. I still cant get over the part at the end of the season three premier when AJ told Rarity that some things are better when they are a rarity and then winked at her i almost died that day.
  12. Its because of the inspiration thing. I personally think shipping that is formed because of idol worship could end badly. I still like CheesePie its my OTP but they need to give cheese more character other then super duper party pony. I've seen people ship pinkie with pokey pierce aka Royal Pin and they never talked he was just in the background at her party popping balloons. At least there was a bit of interaction between Cheese and Pinkie still there has to be more to him then just super duper party pony who was inspired by pinkie.
  13. These are my OTPs CheesePie TwiCord RariJack Ships I like SoarinDash Cheerilmac Fluttercord Twipie Discopie Dislestia Pinkiedash Trixie/Gilda Lunacord Zecorashy Gilda/Greta Ships I dislike Appledash Twijack Cheerilight cheese x anyone who isn't pinkie Any incest shipping Blue blood x anyone I will add more later