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  1. Ooh, this account's been dead for a while. Rip me

    1. PinkDeadly


      Rip in pepperoni

  2. Good luck to those applying, I know from experience that Public Relations is pretty fun
  3. Dislestia is best ship, they're so cute together xD
  4. I'm an admin of a Skype chat group called "Random Pony Chat" with my friend @cdx561 and we are looking for interested bronies that want to join our group of nearly 80 existing members. We would like people who are active on skype and we're looking for fun people to liven up the chat more than it already is. It's a SFW group with a handful of rules but nothing too restrictive and don't worry, there's plenty of messing around. Anybody who is interested in joining is welcome to PM me and I will decide whether you will be a good addition to the group. (Which most of you probably will be )
  5. Anybody who wants to play Overwatch with me on Xbox One my live account is InfectedPone
  6. Moral of today's episode: Get a job you neckbearded knobs

    1. Kyoshi


      Can't say I was fond of the moral at all. Seemed rather abrasive. Having a terrible character be the model for said moral is worse.

    2. BlackWater627


      Kyoshi, I would say that Zephyr's attitude did muddy the moral. The moral was to face your fears but other things in the episode made a lot of people take away different things. :/

  7. Well I haven't seen any discussion about this so I might as well start it off. Is there a person in pop culture with the same name as you. I only think about this as it recently happened to me. My name twin is [took this out 2 years later why am i doxxing myself on a brony forum], who recently came to fame with his massive hit [also not giving that out], amassing hundreds of millions of views. And with my name being [stop giving your name away], I have not heard the end of it xD. (why did i ever use xD) So has anybody else had this experience, if so please share down b
  8. >inb4 someone layers the "silly pony" song over applejack's chicken dance

  9. I've got quite a lot of good real life friends, and quite a lot of good online friends too. So I can't really choose. Both of them have their pros and cons but I would never ultimately choose one over the other.
  10. I don't like the Star Wars series, The LOTR Trilogy or the Harry Potter films
  11. Christmas episode in may? I'll allow it.

    1. JeyWiz


      Better early or late than never, right?

  12. Well it's been well over half a year since I last posted here so lets give it another go. Name: Lucas / InfectedPone Age: 15 Gender: Male Country: Australia Likes: Mlp, video games, comedy tv shows, cartoons, the internet, and m e m e s. Dislikes: Trends and popular culture (I'm a teeny bit of a hipster), politics, drama and a few other little things. Hobbies: Being silly on the internet, walking, cycling, coding, photography, hanging out with friends. Other Info: I'm weird, be warned.
  13. I have a feeling they reeeeeeeally want us to ship Trixie and Starlight

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. InfectedPone
    3. darkwingmare


      It'll be like the good ol' RarityxSpike ship, but a little more... Quiet, as Angel is a bunny and not a talking baby dragon.

    4. BlackWater627


      *angry Spike voice* Angel.

  14. The amount of pandering in this episode is juuuuust right Also some of the best faces this season All up I give it a 9/10 Best horses of season 6
  15. I've got mainly green eyes with a hint of blue. There's actually a rather high percentage of people here with green eyes apparently.
  16. Watching maxmoefoe slowly kill himself on youtube is more fun than it sounds

  17. I've got an IQ of around 140 to 150. I do believe that I am smart, the problem is that I'm lazy XD
  18. InfectedPone

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    x frosty the snowman
  19. My most memorable phase was my creep phase. I would just act creepy, drawing weird, insane things in my books, playing around with scissors and giving people weird glares. Thank god I'm out of that now.
  20. Right now my favourite game is GTA V online on my xbox one.
  21. InfectedPone

    Food Do you eat meat?

    I love myself some meat but I love vegetables pretty much equally. I only have a weird problem with meat off the bone, like chicken wings and other stuff, I just can't stand it.
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