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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Sarah Crystal

    Visual Art A random failed drawing x-x

    Ooh, that look pretty cool ther..... wait? *saw my Super tank* HOW DARE YOU attack my Sketch Pad army DX XD well anyway look awesome :3
  3. Sarah Crystal

    Its My Birthday Today! Some presents please?

    Oh is your birthday today, but HAPPYBIRTHDAY 8D
  4. Sarah Crystal

    celestia and luna

    That was really beautiful drawing you did there awesome job
  5. Sarah Crystal

    Sofen Pony Drawings

    very cute and nice job though
  6. Sarah Crystal

    Sketch Pad Drawing

    Nope, Paladin is my OC and thanks
  7. Sarah Crystal

    Sketch Pad Drawing

    She is just a filly, holding a Paladin doll or plushies whatever you called it
  8. Sarah Crystal

    Art Dump!

    everything look good for my opinion
  9. Sarah Crystal

    Derpy and a biiiig muffin!

    she's very cute but, too cute
  10. Sarah Crystal

    Spoiler MLP Forums Class of 2016 (Come see people)

    oh ok you can pick, Pala.... Sketch Pad: I'M WANTED TO BE IN IT D: Paladin: I don't wanted to be in it *reading the books* (um... ok... I chose Sketch Pad)
  11. Sarah Crystal

    Spoiler MLP Forums Class of 2016 (Come see people)

    Ooh this look awesome but is my image ok? Sketch Pad: Paladin
  12. Sarah Crystal

    A Painting of Fluttershy

    looking great there, Yoshi l her her smile anyway
  13. Sarah Crystal


    Nice drawing there like how, Rarity say it though XD, but great job
  14. Sarah Crystal

    Applejack at the bar, just drinking a bit

    she want another cider XD but nice job though
  15. Sarah Crystal

    rarity is opening a present! can you guess what it is?

    that was very great you've drawn, and very nice job there