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  1. Message to all friends and viewers on my profile, there will be more to come, due to events unfolding quickly in my life I've taken a bit of a hiatus from drawing in order to better prepare myself for my childs arrival. rest assure I'm still active and still here lol ttyas.

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      congrats on your child *hugg<3<3<3<3<3

  2. oye been a hell of a month but it looks like things are starting to slow down again. maybe I can get back to the art lol

  3. hey everyone sorry I haven't been on in a bit alots been going on the last two weeks, boss man at my job screwed up a delivery and I've been trying to unscrew it ever since almost done and will be more active soon.

    1. Wicked Funky

      Wicked Funky

      Oh, Okay :) Good luck "unscrewing" it :)

    2. NightFire01111


      lol yea not my best choice of words, basicly to sum up what happened, something got delivered to Miami that was to go to sarasota, *pretty far north of our operations* and about 15 other deliveries ended up in the wrong location SO I've been spending the last few days tracking them all down recovering lost merchandise and repairing troubled public relationship. my boss did this to me on my 1 weekend off.... I don't know what he's going to do when I leave the job for like 3 weeks i...

  4. Listening to doctor whooves and assistant. lol it is awesome.

  5. well funny story about that, it was an effect in the program I'm using and it worked better then I thought it would originally it was just to blend the two colors of blue I used... so yes and no? lol lucky for me I know how I did it and can repeat the process!
  6. Yes I accept muffins! and the best quality of derpy for me is, simply put, Her understanding, what she stands for, and how caring the fandom has made her, she is the embodiment of the entire adult fandom. I mean how often does a whole community rejoice after a long absence from the show! How often does a community rally togeather under a muffin banner to SAVE A CHARACTER! the best was seeing people using Other cartoons to protest her disappearance. But I disgrace Derpy is Derpy and I love my Derp! lol
  7. Hello everypony! so short story behind this picture, its the first O.C. I've created fully, its also my first piece of art that I've done since 2007, and its the first time I've ever been able to use an art editing tool to bring it to the masses! Please tell me what you think of it, leave a comment on the website as well! I'll be creating more every chance I get as I learn more about what I can do! also no name yet so feel free to throw some out there! If you want me to try drawing your O.C. Pm me and we will work out details. for now until I get better no charge! (just don't burn me out lol )
  8. I absolutely LOVE your signature with pinkie pie throwing a party like that!
  9. Hello everypony, I'm NightFire and I'm a brony and proud of it and glad to be apart of the fandom. I'm working on my own art and O.C.'s as well as trying to create a show for youtube. I've read all of Fallout Equestria and have to say its my favorite MLP fanfic. I'm looking to make as many friends as I can, Locally or worldwide. I'm an avid gamer, loging in on games like Star Trek online and Star Wars Empire at War, to Call of duty A.W., Borderlands 2 and pre, Halo M.C.C. right down to G.T.A. 5 so if you want to hang out online outside of the website hit me up and I'll drop you my G.T. Got a question for me? Ill answer just about anything asked about me! Also you can just call me NightFire, the 01111 is just random numbers lol