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  1. Alright, he can be what ever you think is better just notify me before we start.
  2. sure, why not. You can join if you want, just before you do tell me the OC(s) you will use
  3. This is going to be kind of a origin story for my OC and about what happened to stable 47 which is hinted at in another RP I do. This will be kind of slice of life and some other things as well. Open to anyone and if you have any other ideas or suggestions for this PM me. RPer's: Ranger22
  4. Larry: no thanks madam. Me: Also Barry doesn't eat. I'll just take one I am not that hungry right now after you know passing out earlier. *twitches* So after dinner I am going to see Carl and see how the wedding is getting set up. Oh wait I forgot to invite one of my best friends Discord.
  5. Barry: found non organic species named #LARRY# come out. Larry: hello, I am Larry and you are. Barry: I am #BARRY# name chosen by #SENTINEL#. Larry: well it is great to meet you #BARRY#, sir is he replacing me? Me: no Larry he's just supposed to guard us as he is a protectron. Larry: alright sir thank you for telling me.
  6. Barry it is then. Almost done and there we go now to power it on. *powers the protectron* Barry: hello #LUCKY# and #SENTINEL# how may I assist you. Me: nothing right now but if you want you can look around to get a sense of this place. Barry: alright sir I will start to look around now. *barry walks off*
  7. Alright my lab is right here. *walks in* I don't have much but we could make a small one. Alright just watch what I do I am going to build a protectron. *starts building* sentinel can you hand me that small data chip right there. Thanks now to install it and then we will try to get this done to say. It needs a response code so I'll let you name it.
  8. I'm alright don't worry, I don't need rest. Larry can you clean this up. Larry: right away sir. Me: Sentinel would you like to see me build a Android in my Lab. I'll show you how. I just need to talk to sparkle real quick. *whispers to sparkle* I am sorry for that, Sentinel shouldn't have seen that. Larry: Sir I have something to tell you. I lied they didn't have the pills. We wasted our last one and I don't know where to get them. I will study up on the other methods in case we need to. Me: do that Larry and try to find those pills somewhere.
  9. Thank you sentinel but dad can't really get up right now. *lucky started to cough up blood* Larry get the Buck and bring it over here! Larry: here you go sir. *Larry gives lucky the Buck and Lucky gets up* that worked, oh yeah I remember what we were talking about. Yeah we have a daughter one day I guess.
  10. I am alright Sentinel, and sparkle the pleasure works I tested it with Linda one day because the pill didn't work. Larry: what do you mean madam why would I want to watch that. Me: never mind Larry, did I speak or anything during this collapse I felt like I did. *Lucky tries to get up but falls back down* what the hell, why can't I get up this never happened before. Hmm... Larry get the whiskey.
  11. Larry: it was pleasure, hopefully the pill works he has been lucky and avoided death from the pill. *lucky twitches and wakes up* Lucky: what the... Where am I, last I remember is the bunker. What happened and what were we originally talking about? I have a headache Larry get the whiskey. Larry: right away sir.
  12. Larry: The numbers that repeat, he never tells me. He can tell you just wake him, try the pill or one of the methods. *Lucky screams in pain* I don't know what is happening, this has never happened be for. Talking in the collapse or moving? Tell me the method before you try it. In case you try a secondary method. Sense the secondary methods are gory and... I wouldn't say it in front of the colt. Sometimes the pill doesn't work and one time almost killed him. Linda saved him with one of the methods, you probably know which one. Here is the pill and a hatchet incase you choose that one. Also the pills have deadly toxins that seep into your skin so don't hold it for long or you will die. There is another secondarey method which is the most risky. For this you need to let him be in water until the point of being drowned and take him out.
  13. Well I stopped it now so it's over. I am surprised you remember though, unless. Give me a minute to think. Plus I know it worked you never got raped, listen you will be shocked or confused but we... I don't even know if I should say this but we have a daughter. I should of told you I met her along with Sentinel a while back. I shouldn't have told you, I keep getting flashbacks and well that happened a minute ago. *Lucky twitched and collapsed* Larry: we should leave him alone for now, when ever you want him to wake up just give him this pill.
  14. Okay, not now. Some other day I guess. Larry where's Sentinel? Larry: right here sir. Me: thanks for watching him, I need to take some Buck maybe a overdose. I am not feeling well so why not. *Lucky goes into his lab and takes out four things of Buck* I'll take all of these and no ones stoping me.
  15. Larry:Thank you sir, I love you to. *Larry takes him to his room* this is your room #SENTINEL# hope you like it your father built it for you. Me: you're no slut, plus I am your fiancé so it's different then Larry. This will bother me if we don't finish because I always finish experiments, besides the V.R pod.