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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Coco. So cute. *Dies of Cuteness*
  3. Me: *Looks up the Pony.Mov series in Technonlogy class* Friend: Oh is that the My Little Pony Thing? Me: Yeah... Friend: I'll have to watch that later! It looks cool! Me: Holi shet ur kool
  4. I don't honestly know. It just seems like It would never end. I don't know, probably a long time after the show ends (Which I hope doesn't happen for a LONG time)
  5. With all thats currently going on in the world, I'd gladly go. I'd go even if there WAS world peace, etc. It just seems so much happier in Equestria.
  6. This. EXACTLY THIS. You literally just described what happened to me.
  7. If I had a complete redo in the MLP universe, that would just be amazing. I would want to make people happy through some sort of entertainment. And I'd be a Pegasus at that. If I still had knowledge of human life here on earth, that would be potentially useful to Twilight, whenever she goes through the portal. I'm sure I'd be happier than I have ever been here on earth, given that friendship is pretty much the main source of magic.
  8. I can't say that i'd really care if anyone saw my butt. Plus, isn't more on the side of your buttcheeks?
  9. My PC, Headphones, and all accessories that come with it. (I.E. Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor) And some cash.
  10. I really agree with you there. The songs are about as good as Rainbow Rocks. Yeah I saw that end credit scene and immediately thought "awww yeeee" and was just waiting for a trailer to come out.