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  1. Any PS4 Overwatch players here? Looking for some friend to play it with!

    1. Zachary


      Sorry but I don't have PS4 and I don't play Overwatch.

  2. This is probably a really dumb question but I can only order them online so I can't really check for myself. I was curious whether they would or not as I would like to get this cute trapper hat for AJ~
  3. My soul purpose of being born was to be apart of this group. There is honestly not enough words in the dictionary to express how much I adore Discord as a character and John De Lancie as a person. Just like ?????
  4. Sunset Shimmer no doubt about it.
  5. I was about to say Happy Birthday! but then I realized you posted your status in May XD

  6. I'm 17 and I get mistaken for 13 all the time x3 Though at least it means I can eat off of the kids menu without getting judged
  7. I'm a socks covered in cute patterns kind of person! As for clothes I immediately change into my PJs the second I get through the front door. Oh and in winter I throw a hoodie and fuzzy socks on top because my parents have never heard of putting the heating on
  8. I'm a Taurus and as for Chinese Zodiac I'm the Tiger. I can't help but believe I do relate to them in most ways, however there are some traits that I don't feel are quite me at all
  9. Yep I can whistle! I actually can also do it unintentionally. Any words I say that begin with "Sh" on some occasions will come out accompanied by a whistle. I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing it's to do with my teeth. You have no idea how many awkward positions this "special talent" has put me in
  10. I'm only planning on taking my little brother trick or treating this year and I can't help but be a giant nerd and dress up too. Heck I'm thinking about walking around wearing a costume the entire day as I run errands. I'm either going full out as a creepyfied-demonic-thing costume or something more subtle like fawn makeup or pony ears with wearing fave pones colours in my outfit
  11. I for one love smiling and I can easily fake one at any given moment. However I don't exactly have the prettiest smile... a bent front tooth (darn little mini me deciding to suck her thumb) and just general blehness when I smile. So preferably I try to keep my smiles to a small twitch at each side of my mouth in pictures which always comes out rather sinister. I never win x3
  12. When I was around 9 all my usernames were cheekymonkey543... *cringe* But as of recent I've been using PastelButtons, CherryButtons, Auburn, or Anthea. I clearly have an obsession with buttons x3
  13. "Why not?" I heard it somewhere when I was younger and it just stuck. You'd be surprised by how much those two words have changed my life.
  14. My Skype username is Auburn Buttons (Or Anthea Buttons, I can't exactly remember aha) and my profile picture is of Adagio being a grump. I'm always trying to make new friends even though I have social anxiety and this is a great opportunity so please feel free to send me a request!
  15. I'm definitely someone who likes the plot of the game rather than personally playing it. It's pretty unique and though we've seen a lot of the story already, it just keeps getting bigger and more deep and interesting. Plus I have to admit it's fun coming up with theories. Though tbh I watch playthroughs mainly because of Marionette. He's bae.