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  1. Hey there, everyone! My name is North, and I'm "new" to the Forums. If you know me, you know why the "new" is in quotation marks. It's been a super crazy ride, but here I am. I have to remember my roots, and my roots are here. I'm happy to be back. <3 -North
  2. North!

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      When our powers combine, we are Captain Cardinal Directions!

  3. I'm pretty familiar with ASMR. I use it almost every night to go to sleep. It really helps. Honestly. All I do is load up an ASMR YouTube video, put on my earbuds and eye mask, and lie down. Within a few minutes, I'm out. ASMR is a tried and true method of going to sleep or relaxing for me. And yes. I like ASMR.
  4. i should go to slEEP HOT DAMN LOOK AT THE TIME!

  5. Happy New Year from all of us at Canterlot Networks!

  6. I used to eat cotton candy lip balm when I was a kid. Please tell me that I wasn't the only one who did this...
  7. Because of his colors. Think about it; complementary colors (blue mane, orange body) make him look a bit too 'showy.' For comparison, Twilight Sparkle is, for the most part, monochromatic. Her mane is dark purple, her mane highlights are magenta and violet, and her body is a light purple. Monochromatic can convey the sense of calmness and elegance. As for Flash's complementary colors, they show contrast and create attention towards him.
  8. Merry Christmas from all of us at Canterlot Networks!