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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. When you know you've gone to far but keep going anyway to see what happens.
  4. it's originally meant to be a cutie mark for treasure hunting (So basically a golden pendant) i could probably work on it a bit more though.
  5. I've had "Devil trigger." stuck in my head since E3. send help.

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    2. Izanagi


      Rickrolled in 2018. GG, you've bested me.

    3. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      I couldn't resist the urge :-D

      Though it could help you too, just listen it until it replaces Devil trigger in your head :catface:

    4. Izanagi


      Could work :D

  6. Hello, i'm just here for a bit of fun, and maybe a bit better in making my character better. Cheers Name: Vladicarus (Stupid name i know, but i had this thing with putting names with mythical creatures when i was young) Age: 18-20 Personality: A bit cocky, enjoys napping, can sometimes tease others, yet loves his family, (Albeit again, will tease them) and a bit snarky Faults: Prideful. Hot-headed, a bit rude backstory: (quickly done) Vlad was a regular kid, had a happy, florist mother, and a pirate father (Missing/divorced) a little sister, a little brother, and a young daughter named Jaded Rum, he lived a happy life, though found himself seeking thrill, and turned to a life of minor thievery around Canterlot, but as he grew up, his thrill of thieving turned into a love of history and treasure hunting. Design: pony version, anthro version pics posted below. :3 the anthro one isn't hugely MLP, but it's the same character, just for a different type of stuff.
  7. I already appreciate how nice people are on here, and i've only been on for a few minutes. I can say it is rather charming ^w^
  8. Howdy there, this might be in the wrong section, so if it is my apologies. I myself haven't been on the forums for about a year now and kinda forgot a lot of things. So instead of making a new account i just wanted to pop in with this and say hello! :D Forgive me if i seem weird, or something, to tell you about me, i'm an odd australian teenager with a treasure hunter oc with a very silly name. isn't life just grand.
  9. honestly, the guy who did the .mov series put it very well. theres more races then just pony in equestria, soit kinda makes sense that they can say "Everybody" You could also sum it up to the song sounding better with body, or something. Or what hierok said.