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    Music, (I like any genre apart from EDM And Modern Pop) My favourite genres though are,
    Minatory Deathstep
    Borderline Deathstep
    Tearout Deathstep
    Future Funk

    As a music producer, my biggest inspirations are,
    The Enigma TNG
    Daft Punk
    Macintosh Plus
    Chuck Person/Oneohtrix Point Never
    Mental Instability
    Insect Warfare
    Last Days of Humanity

    Some Games (You may not know most of them, I'm not much of a gamer, and most games I play are old) To name a few,
    Eggbert/Blupi Series
    Demonstar Series
    Star Defender Series
    almost anything by Webfoot Technology's
    Almost anything that was in a eGames package I had
    Bejeweled Series (Tho I think Bejeweled Stars is pretty bad)
    Nightmare/Atmosfear Series (Video Board game)
    Rap Rat (Video Board game)
    Any video board game
    Some Sonic games, My three favourites are,
    Sonic Heroes
    Sonic Adventure (DX Directors cut)
    Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle)
    Bop It Games
    Asteroid Miner
    And more.

    Movies, to name a few
    Transformers (Michael Bay) (Plz Don`t kill me Michael Bay haters ;-;)
    Man of Steal
    Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
    Daft Punk Electroma
    Daft Punk Revealed
    Daft Punk Unchained
    Interstella 5555
    Bionicle Films (not my fav but worth mentioning)
    The War Game
    Q.E.D. A Guide to Armageddon

    TV shows, My favourites are,
    The Jeremy Kyle Show
    Robot Wars
    Techno Games
    Sonic X
    Judge Rinder
    Family Guy
    American Dad
    Mrs Browns Boys
    And of Corse, MLP

    I also like Doctor Who (Official and Big Finish) (and it's spinoffs) and the Dragon Ball Series, I like many shows, there's too many to name.

    Youtubers, My favourites are
    I Hate Everything
    A Kind Ale War
    Sgt Ducky
    Angry Joe
    Angry Grandpa
    JAR Media
    Tommy C

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  1. Thanks for the critique, it was a good one I may add and it did clear some things up for me, I may take this critique into consideration when making other tracks, especially the piano and cymbal bit unless if I deliberately aim for a heavy harsh cymbal, but if something sounds ignored in this critique on future Minatory tracks, it may be because I like it that way, either that or I am one lazy silly billy. Also be aware that Minatory = Noise elements, and some people make there noise really harsh and heavy, some even going so far to make there songs hit that kind of high frequency that it makes your ears hurt if you listen to it loud on speakers, it took some getting use to for me but I ended up loving that style, I could go on but its something you'd have to check out yourself. Regardless I'm happy you enjoyed this, thanks for listening
  2. So it's been so long since I have posted a new topic in general, simply because I didn't really have any ideas I can bring on the forums, and the last one I did wasn't well thought (it involved a fast hedgehog and friends crossing over with adorable ponies) after the communities reaction on that forum post I was like, eh forget it, I will make a new forum post when I actually make something that I feel like is appropriate, and music is something I feel like hugely comes in, other then that, I have been busy. So I was having a nosey on the fan music forums one day because I am a music person if anything and I find a guy called "HoztileManikyn" he had a fallout equestria brostep track (I refer Brostep as the stuff you'd hear by Skrillex or Getter or something) (I refer Dubstep as the stuff you'd hear by Skream or something) called "Spellfire" I decided to listen to it and I liked the vocals, so I thought, what if I remixed this? it also happens he commented on the source of the vocals saying he made a song with those vocals, so I told him that I would be up to remix it, he responded later on asking me to hit him up and that he will give me stems, later on I did that and I got em, started doodling on FL Studio and made the remix in a day. Now something I truly loved was Deathstep, especially Minatory Deathstep, when I heard that genre I stopped relying on Brostep for a heavy electronic drop. For those who don't know Deathstep, (this is how I see it) it's basically like Brostep but is more darker and relies mostly on one note and one bass at the drop, machine gun basses are commonly used for normal Deathstep, (peps like Code: Pandorum make Deathstep) then we have Minatory Deathstep which is like normal Deathstep, but uses more noise and ambient noise elements to create a truly heavy track, Minatory Deathstep is not White Noise (peps like Influx or Fester make Minatory Deathstep) there is also Tearout Deathstep which is like normal Deathstep but uses a more heavier use of LFO growls, (peps like Nimda make Tearout Deathstep) and Hellcore Deathstep which is like Minatory Deathstep but the bass is more spaced out and the drums are used at a minimum (peps like Necrofiler make Hellcore Deathstep) I'm sure a good amount of people in the fandom listen to Brostep for a heavy drop and want relentless aggressive cool sounds no matter what, so I looked if I can find some MLP Deathstep, I only found two, that isn't a lot, wanting to spread the word of Minatory Deathstep in general, I did just that, and just recently I have made my first MLP Minatory Deathstep track. So yeah, this is a Minatory Deathstep remix I did recently under the alias I go as (Phantasmatron) and I really like it, just like my other works because I look at my works at a fans prospective and pretend if this was someone else's, I did this because 1: I want Deathstep in this community. 2: I thought the original had good vocals imo which wanted me to remix it. and 3: Ultimately for fun, I don't know too much about Fallout Equestria but I was quite dedicated to making this song and it's pretty dark and heavy I must say, and unless if you think Minatory Deathstep is just a bunch of noise, who knows? maybe you'll head bang to this. So here's the song, make sure you got bass speakers ready to vibrate for a heavy impact, and prepare for 10 minutes of Minatory madness! Yeah it's pretty long, I mean who makes a 10 minute Minatory Deathstep track? well... me. Like my other songs I did I just do what feels natural to my ears regardless how long it is unless if I wanted to do a short/radio edit, I like my drops to naturally be long and show no mercy, in the end tho, you can think what you want and maybe your feedback can help me out but ultimately I make music for my own enjoyment, I do what comes from the heart and do what I want to do, if I want to make pony vaporwave then I do that, if I wanted to make Harsh Noise Wall then I make that, if you like this track, then thank you, you really mater to me, hopefully when I finish making some videos I'm working on I'll make more of these, and if you never knew about Minatory Deathstep till now and dig it, I'm happy to hear that, give the genre a look and see if you like it, and I hope this community gets aware of this genres existence. That said, thank you for checking this out, I am a diverse musician who likes to make all kinds of music, see you whenever I make the next pony song.
  3. MassReflux

    Music Whats your favorite EDM song?

    I'm not really into EDM I'm really into Minatory Deathstep, but there are some EDM songs I like. this is my favourite EDM song.
  4. MassReflux

    Music Song that you find relaxing?

    I find this song wonderful And also
  5. MassReflux

    Music Name a song that has given you feels

    I don't really get feels from many songs, some nearly do but they don't. Only one song made me cry once and it was this song. (Fun Fact: Skrillex is singing this)
  6. MassReflux

    Favorite songs?

    Here's mine. If you like PURE HEAVY wubz then you may like these so have a listen if you'd like. 5: Venom & Osiriz - Black Demonology 4: Venom & AstralOne - Corrupted 3: Venom & AstralOne - Corrupted (AstralOne VIP) 2: Kram - When You See God (Influx Remix) 1: Influx - Eternal Fear
  7. Listening to Deathstep.
  8. MassReflux

    Who's Your Pony Waifu?

    PINKEY PIE She's the pure beauty of joy to existence. Smiles Laughter Parties FUN Randomness Cake Cupcakes Blue adorable eyes Always cheers up Friends Firends and more Friends. Yeh, I'm like that, so is Pinkie, my personality is also close to Vinyl Scratch, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, but and after having a long think that took months, Pinkie Pie will just complete my life, I love to play games (even though I'm not really a gamer and more of a audiophile) what she is like and how she appears just turns my "I am looking at a beautiful creature switch" on, and I'm sure she would be there for me if we were together, because i may be what i said above, but i'm also dead shy, but then again i would be there for her as well, I'd love to DJ some Deathstep in Pinkies parties (and also show off some of my tunes while I'm at it :3) I'd wanna play a song about there being nopony in the world like Pinkie Pie.
  9. So guys and gals, Exactly what the title says, What do you think will happen if Sega and Hasbro were gonna make a Sonic MLP Crossover game, And TV series? And what do you think would make the perfect Sonic MLP game Crossover? I personally think a Sonic Adventure and Heroes style game with a mix of Unleashed and Knuckles Chaotix Would make a great game. For the TV series I think Dr Eggman should be at a point were he has all the Chaos Emeralds and puts them in some sort of device, Then Sonic bursts in and tries to stop him, But breaks the device during this, And causes a massive Chaos Control, And sends everyone to Equestria, Then Sonic and his friends find Ponyville, And befriend the mane 6, Then they go on all kinds of adventures in a nutshell. (Yeah I know it's a plot recycle from Sonic X, But I can't think of any better lol, On the bright side, There is no Chris)
  10. MassReflux

    The Portal to Equestria

    I get any belongings I can get before it closes, Then jump in, By that point apart of my life will be complete, I don't want to live in the real world, I wanna live in Ponyville, So I can meet <--- Her, And every other pony I adore.
  11. MassReflux

    Rainbow Factory game?

    Well there is two Rainbow Factory games on Roblox Made by a guy called NatNProductions.
  12. I will love the pony for who they are, The voice however depends if it's bad good or better, Either way I will Like the character, (Unless if its Diamond Tiara or Gilda) I'll just complain about the voice about it being bad or better if that ever happens.
  13. MassReflux

    What would you do if MLP:FiM was cancelled?

    I'd feel sad a little, But on the bright side, No one has to worry about there fan fictions getting ruined, And who knows? Maybe a brony or two might make there fan series.
  14. If Pinkie was gone I would do this In one of my Vine series, I would kill myself for the canon, IRL however, I would just feel sad, Knowing the mare I loved would be gone, It would also destroy my fiction that I have in mind, But I'll keep watching the show and continue with my life.
  15. PINKEY PIE!!! A pink ball of fluff visiting are world would turn my life upside down.