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    I will love and care for others as Jesus has loved and cared for me
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    I enjoy video games, YouTube and comics. I also do jujitsu. That's about it...I gotta get out more.

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About Me

Hello everypony! I'm LittleMac.

I am a Christian brony who is hoping to meet some new people and make friends :)


I love MLP but the most important thing in my life is Jesus and sharing Him with others (don't worry though, I'm not gonna try to hit you with my Bible or anything like that. I mean, it's a big book, that would REALLY hurt XD)

That's about you like trains? :P

If you ever need to talk, I may not give good advice, but I'm more than willing to be a shoulder to cry on if you ever, and I mean ever, need it.



Just wanna say thank you to ALL the people who have made such awesome art of my OC. Thanks to Frosted Pop-Tart, bluenavyangel and Canary Yellow. You guys are the best :pinkie: