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  1. Hiya, welcome! Lovely to meet you Hope you enjoy yourself on the thread
  2. After I drink a can of cola or something, I always have to break off the little thingy at the top you use to open it with before throwing away the can. My Mum thinks I'm weird for it hehe XD
  3. Not really anymore. When I was a kid, yeah, I was always losing my temper with games, as kids tend to do. But now I only get frustrated at a game if I feel its isn't my fault. Like, if the environment isn't designed to fit the combat or something. But I usually try to stay calm while playing, if anything, to show my younger siblings they don't have to keep breaking controllers over a game
  4. I'd have a pretty similar outlook on life as well That is a pretty cool opening BTW
  5. Well, there are a few ways I guess. The most helpful is by talking to one of my friends about it. I don't wanna say who they are in case they read this and I get embarrassed
  6. I love the anime!!!! I absolutely adore the dark tone it has and Kaneki is probably one of my favourite characters in all of fiction
  7. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Hope you have a great time here and meet a lot of cool people
  8. I never saw much of the original show, so I can't really compare it to this one much. From what I saw, I thought it was good and had a pretty decent balance to it. As for TTG, I don't like it as a stand alone show, never mind being a parody or whatever. I don't personally like any of the humour, I think it's really bad. But, I guess it must be doing something right if it's gotten such an audience, so I guess it just wasn't for me
  9. Are you in one? No...broke up with my ex a month ago Do you want one? Yes. I can't stand being alone... How do you feel around other couples? Not too differently, I'm happy that they have found somebody and I don't get uncomfortable around them at all How many have you had? Just one...
  10. Well, I'll keep an open mind and wait to see how it turns out. Something tells me Scott might be trying to make this game a bit more devious than it actually is. Like, maybe it'll start cute and then take a dark turn. I can imagine him doing something like that. Although, if that isn't the case, I trust that Scott will still make it an enjoyable game
  11. I refuse to open up to people I'm socially awkward IRL and not much better online I feel depressed all the time I have little to no motivation for anything anymore I'm lazy I'm whiny I can be pretty cruel at times I'm an idiot, for lack of a better term I have no self confidence whatsoever I have contemplated doing horrible things to myself and others in the past I'm a coward I just don't like myself and don't think anyone could
  12. Because I'd say she is sorta like a mother to Angel, so she basically needs to have the patience of a saint
  13. In my opinion, maturity is nothing more than looking at things without having a selfish intention in mind. Like, "I don't wanna do my chores mum, they're boring" is immature because you're only focusing on what you want and want everything to go your way. But saying, "Well, I don't want to do chores, but I'll do them cuz mum told me to" shows that you are willing to look beyond just your own immediate desires and make a decision that benefits everyone in the long run. Laughing at a dirty joke wouldn't be immature so much as it'd be...silly. And there's nothing wrong with being silly every now and then. To be immature means to have ignorance towards the world and people around you. So, annoying somebody for your own amusement is what would be immature
  14. Well, it does have characters related to the Halloween holiday, but I think it's more of a Christmas movie. First of all, Halloween doesn't really happen in the movie. It opens up the day after and then the rest is the build up to Christmas. The characters themselves are Halloween for sure, but the story doesn't focus on the Halloween holiday, it focuses on Christmas
  15. I don't really know what I am. I think I'd lean more towards melancholic, due to my general introversion and distrust of others whom I haven't known for very long. But there are hints of sanguine in me too, which is a bit odd
  16. In anime: Probably Yukine in Noragami. It's sorta like Soul Eater, where the weapon is actually a person with an individual personality to them In games: The foam finger in Dead Space 2 (or the original, I forget). Basically, you go around with a foam finger yelling "Bang Bang" and destroy everything in sight
  17. "Well, I wish I knew myself. All I know is that I'd never forgive myself if I stopped"
  18. A song that my ex wrote for me... She's the only person I've ever loved and, a week later, I'm still hurt about the break up (we left on good terms though) Even though I've had some of my friends say keeping the song she wrote might trigger memories and upset me, I've decided not to let go of it. Even if I were to never read it again, simply knowing that someone cared that deeply about me is something I don't ever want to forget.