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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy Birthday, Summers! 🎁 

  3. If you ever see this hope you are doing well and staying safe!

  4. Black tights, a really long grey skirt with buttons all the way down the front, an icy blue knitted sweater tucked into the skirt and a grey ribbon in my hair as a headband. It's very comfy yet classy.
  5. I absolutely do, I am dutch but I'm an English teacher so you could say I'm quite fluent in it. The question of whether I think in English depends on what subject I'm thinking about. When it's a dutch thing I'll think about it in dutch but when I'm either tyring to decypher my own feelings or I'm thinking about an 'english' subject such as games or a funny youtube video I saw then I'll think in English. Sometimes I don't even know which language I'm thinking in actually, it all just kinda jumbles into one.
  6. absolutely not, the thought of living forever on this earth terrifies me. I love life but I'm glad that it's headed somewhere definitive, I like the idea that it will end some day because it gives me a reason to live but also to not be too scared of what the future may hold.
  7. some people might find this weird but here it's the most normal thing in the world so I'm not sure if it counts: french fries with mayo, curry ketchup and raw onions. It's really good. A runner up is french fries with apple sauce, still my personal favourite way to eat french fries.
  8. Nha, I'd leave tomorrow to never return. I live in an old school building which will be demolished soon anyway, so it would be kinda awkward if I had to live there forever, I don't think they'd like that very much I live in the netherlands and honestly it's great! We'd love to welcome you here if you can still come despite brexit and such. If you need someone to show you around when you do come feel free to contact this random internet person
  9. traveling is exhausting but I love it. I'm from europe so it's easy for me to go to different countries with different cultures and different languages and it's honestly thrilling. I adore it. I love being home too though, I'm perfectly content to be right where I am. I also do love being away though, and seeing new places and new views. Those are especially cool to me, my country is flat as can be so any kind of change in landscape is exciting to me
  10. I really like hard, crumbly, crunchy cookies. soft or chewy cookies aren't really that comon here anyway and I gotta be in the mood for them. I just like those biscuits that I can just stuff my face with 4 at a time
  11. I still prefer to sleep with my plushies nearby. I have a small polarbear, about the size of two hands, and a stuffed dog about double the size. I don't need them for a good night sleep, but I like having something to hold while I fall asleep.
  12. I don't eat cereal because I break out when I consume straight up milk soooo
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