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  1. Thanks! it's a song i'm doing for a girlgroup and they called it Knightmare haha
  2. Here is something new i have been working on and hopefully will turn into something fun!
  3. Hey! thanks for the feedback! I would love to re mix the song so the vocals where more prominent but sadly the original files where lost in a PC vs Coke fight!
  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. I've started to do some light rp over on Canterlot Avenue if anyone is over there come say hi!

  6. How are you finding everything so far?
  7. I have recently been working on mu very first fully fledged OC! As i am sure some of you have seen I have been asking around some RP images and i cannot wait for everyone to hear about my new OC Sugar Snap! While i still need to work out all the kinks and get a full character sheet sorted out I cannot wait to get started and show everyone this pony I've come to love!
  8. Is there an app for this website? 

    1. Snow


      I'm afraid not

    2. Stanpai


      Ahh Man that sucks it would be easier to give updates and such from an app on my phone!

  9. Here is a link to my soundcloud! please feel free to tell me what you think i would love to be a part of more projects!
  10. Hello! Welcome to this great world of FRIENDSHIP!
  11. Hello Everyone!

  12. I'm Feeling really down this weekend, every job i've been applying for I have been rejected for and it's just really getting to me

  13. I'm Suddenly really sad

    1. Kyoshi


      What about? :c

    2. Stanpai


      Just being Lonely since all my friends are away atm :(

  14. I want sunbrust and starlight to have more screen time together...... together together
  15. Tonight I shall be staying up all night so I can make the call!!!!!