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  1. D'aaawwww I love it. Great work!
  2. At ClockWorks place. He wont turn off his speakers :\

    1. FedoraMemes


      I'll message him

  3. D'awwww Rhys Since when have you been drawing? These are cute Btw <3
  4. The Chat's gone? I made 40 posts for nothing :(

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    2. Colon Leftbracket

      Colon Leftbracket

      Forums, PMs, Skype, Sychtube, and Livestreams are all good choices! :D

    3. Talemage


      It isn't worthless. You're a full member now.

      Besides, like mostly everyone else, get Skype. Now that the forum chat is dead, that's active. What's more, no one gets kicked(unless a creator, helper or master[skype's equivalent of admin/mod/super mod] kicks them), and none of the messages repeat themselves.

      And no one can stop us from making another group if they decide to remove the Skype chat.

  5. He did. I only was told by the one person he trusted not to tell anyone
  6. Thats awesome! I wish i could make stuff like that
  7. Im so sorry to have to be the grammar nazi here *Favourite
  8. This whole idea is silly, No way it could end EVERYTHING... Right?
  9. Right, Thats the next thing Rhys has to teach me :3