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  1. Because I'm a furfag, duh. I also really love the picture and cuddling in general :3
  2. I haven't really seen anyone play it in low elo xD
  3. He's pretty good in bot lane due to his range and his ability to simply push turrets quickly. Also, oneshot ADCs xD
  4. You must've not been playing a lot of League lately. Or at least not ADC xD
  5. To be honest, MLP is just a TV show. It's nice that something like this can serve as a mean to cope with real life issues, but it will come to an end, like everything else. You will find something else to hang on to, or maybe one day realize that there is no need to rely on such things, because you'll discover mental stability from within. "When the time has come to let something go - let it go."
  6. Velcorn

    Technology Which OS do you use?

    Windows (10), because there is no OS that can surpass Windows for pretty much everything I do or plan to ever do. Aside from a couple things that are still kinda weird in Win 10 and some bugs, it's actually really good. I also use Linux, more specifically Ubuntu Gnome on my laptop, because it's a lot faster and is sufficient for what I need.
  7. Velcorn

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    So you mean to say they've taken what we thought we think and make us think we thought our thoughts we've been thinking our thoughts we think we thought? I think...
  8. Velcorn

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I would assume the only reason for this is because men are less likely to be accepted as either bi or gay, so they are denying such tendencies. Women are also way more likely to experiment with the other sex, because they are a lot closer (emotionally) to each other than men usually are. I think that there would be roughly an equal percentage of bi/gay men and women. Anyway, what I find fascinating is the huge difference when it comes to paraphilias, or otherwise uncommon sexual orientations/attractions outside of the norm. Which are way more common in men than in women.
  9. Velcorn

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    Pnasexuality is a made up word that's supposed to make clear that they can still be attracted to transgender or people generally unwilling to conform to the binary gender standard or gender as a whole. Bisexuality covers that already or at least doesn't exclude it, so to me it seems just for special snowflakes that really need to put a different label on themselves.
  10. At the moment, the new client is utter garbage. Filled with bugs and still missing a lot of features, like, f.e., items sets and gifting etc. The worst are the loading times and constant crashes having to kill the task to reopen it. It also completely killed my old client, so I have to start that through the new client, too, which is very annoying. In other news, I ranked both of my smurfs in FlexQ, on one (Gold III SoloQ) I went 7-3 and got placed in Silver I (already climbed to Gold V), and went 8-2 on the other (Gold V SoloQ) and got placed in Gold II (could've probably gotten Plat V :/)
  11. Velcorn

    Ask a Savant

    Never has my intention been to trivialize your problems and fears, but by rationalizing them and taking failure for granted, you're effectively shutting yourself off, living in a created bubble, cocoo, or whatever you want to call it. I'm also quite positive that others don't intent to prove you wrong any more than they want to help you. Being stubborn about "being right" isn't going to benefit you, since obviously shutting off from the outside world comes with a price. If you're willing to compromise on this, very well then, but you might just be trying to deluding yourself into not caring.
  12. I never really saw the point of moral dilemmas like this one. I'm going to assume most people would choose a way in which their favorite pony/ponies survive(s). Some might also be willing sacrifice their favorite pony if the total value of the rest surpasses the value of the one. It all comes down to the subjective emotional attachment they have formed towards the characters. Same principle applies to all the other moral dilemmas. Let's say you are asked to sacrifice a loved person, other being, or even object for the lives of a hundred others you don't know. Why would anyone save a random hundred whilst giving up someone they really care about? It just makes no sense since you can't assign anything an objective value, since there is no such thing. Regardless of any of that, such scenarios aren't important in real life circumstances, and seem quite pointless to delve into.
  13. Velcorn

    Ask a Savant

    Everything relies on a basis. In math, this basis is, as far as I know, based on axioms, which are assumed to be true. However objective those may seem, they are actually arbitrarily, if you dare say so, chosen or, if you prefer, subjectively established. Regardless of your answer, even if we were to acknowledge things like that as objective facts, their status as such is altered the second we interact with any of that data. Our perception of those facts varies greatly, and so does every other variation of interaction with them. Feel free to prove me wrong on this, though. It's very well possible that I have made grave logical errors in my conclusion (or on the way thither), because of my lack of knowledge on the matter. Fair enough. "Man can do what he wants, but he cannot will what he wills." - Arthur Schopenhauer - quote is slightly out of context, but appeared fitting. So, you would consider the repulsion of (two) magnets via the electromagnetic force a good analogy for your lack of interpersonal communication? Would exploring this part of life not be an interesting endeavor? Despite all the anxiety that comes with it - which does not necessarily have to be a negative thing. To me it seems as if you are overthinking things too much that would be way easier without putting so much thought into them. Is it not part of life to somehow find someone who actually does understand you, without even necessarily talking to you?
  14. Velcorn

    Ask a Savant

    Nothing can be objective to a mortal being. There is always value in the interpretation of things. It feels easier to put your thoughts into words, because you are not subjected to the dynamic of conversation, sometimes forcing you to alter your way of words. However, aside from the disadvantages of (spoken) language, it is extraordinary versatile and can convey your thoughts way more easily at times. Nevertheless, that relies on the premise that the being you're talking to is able to grasp your concepts without you even fully elaborating on them - and vice versa. Regardless, the written language, with the addition of math, is far from being incorruptible. It is subject to the very same subjective perception that spoken language is, no matter how you may view it - it relies on interpretation of beings in order to attain a meaning. What would your name on a wall/in a book/in a journal mean to you? Why would you want that? Why does a husband (or a significant other) seem to be too much to ask?
  15. Velcorn

    Say something romantic to the user above you

    I want to bend you over, tie you down, and consensually rape your sexy body