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  1. We actually beat Dak Prescott. No better way to finish off the weekend than a win against the Cowboys on their own home turf

  2. Banned because I’m watching football. We’re up 14-0
  3. @ExplosionMare why you redirect me to a post I made three years ago
  4. Al Michaels, Chris Collinsworth, And Michelle Tafoya take the booth for Sunday Night Football.


    Y’all know what to say, everypony! All together now! SKOL

  5. A duck walked up to a lemonade stand And he said to the man running the stand SO NO CHI NO SADAME!!!!! JOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JO
  6. I switched Linus and Lucy’s signs around
  7. I didn’t think we’d have any shot this week, but with Patrick Mahomes injured, things could get interesting.

    Say it with me! SKOL

  8. Banned because Mr Neal is not amused over all this Bakugo stuff
  9. Banned for teaching the cat how to speak English
  10. Banned because the Spiders are already pinned to the table