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  1. Banned because I am the only one who is able to use the Monado in it’s full potential
  2. Banned for talking smack about Rainbow Dash, Connie Springer
  3. Banned for using a Rolling Pin to deal with a spider on the counter
  4. Sunday is upon us once again. We all know what that means.

    Say it with me, everypony! SKOL

  5. Banned because everybody’s waiting for the next surprise
  6. Banned because this is the Banned Room. We don’t have any Ice Cream
  7. Banned for not telling us how long you are
  8. I heard Tropical Melody once dressed up like Elvis to go shopping for blue suede shoes
  9. Well obviously I feel a little terrible about our playoff performance. I expected this be the case, but this is our time to put our best foot forward and bring free agents like Madison Bumgarner and Stephen Strasburg to Target Field, and hopefully that fourth World Series trophy will be ours

  10. Banned for being able to take off your head