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  1. You look pretty good in the banner up there!

    1. WiiGuy2014


      Thank you, Northern. You make this guy very happy with your approval.:wub:

  2. General Where is everypony from?

    I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  3. Sports Tom Brady has been injured. Might not play Sunday

    Yeah, a cut didn't sideline me from a high school football game. If he's been put on "questionable," AND the way he blatantly dodged those questions during today's press conference, AND the recent report that it may be worse, I think it's possible there may be something they're not telling us, thus a laceration or a contusion. Things like that take about a week to recover from. If it really is one of those, he may be out of Sunday's game. But you're right. All we can do at this point is wait patiently for the game.
  4. Sports Tom Brady has been injured. Might not play Sunday

    That's a good joke, but this injury isn't from the Titans game. He injured his hand during practice this week. I'm not trying to fool anybody. This IS a legit threat to the Patriots. The NFL's facebook page even confirmed that he's questionable. This is all too much to be a hoax.
  5. Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    (Rainbow Dash brings some of Applejack's apple cider to Princess Celestia in Canterlot) Princess Celestia: Rainbow Dash, you are a true friend of the crown, DILLY DILLY! Everypony else in the room: DILLY DILLY! (Lyra Heartstrings brings some of Bon Bon's expensive imported oats to Princess Celestia) Princess Celestia: Dearest Lyra, you are another true friend of the crown, DILLY DILLY! Everypony else in the room: DILLY DILLY! (Saffron Masala brings some food from the Tasty Treat to Princess Celestia) Princess Celestia: Madam, your cooking expertise makes you an even truer friend of the crown, DILLY DILLY! Everypony else in the room: DILLY DILLY! (Flim brings a bottle of rum) Princess Celestia: What is this? Flim: This is a bottle of my best rum. Princess Celestia: Please follow Discord. He's going to give you a private tour of the pit of misery. Flim: I'm sorry, what? (Discord takes him away) Shining Armor: PIT OF MISERY, DILLY DILLY! Everypony else in the room: DILLY DILLY!
  6. So we heard the news that Tom Brady injured his hand during practice this week. Examinations came back on the mainstream that it shouldn't be a problem, but this afternoon we also got news that maybe those results were speaking too soon, and the injury is far worse than they thought. During a press conference, Brady was randomly evading questions about his injury. His only comment on anything concerning his injury and whether or not he will be able to play was "We'll see." The Patriots have already prepared their backup QB for the worst. Update: Brady just had stitches on his hand, and his ability to play on Sunday against the Jaguars is questionable.
  7. Sports NFL Conference Championships

    Vikings without a doubt. With the news about the injury on Tom Brady taking a turn for worse, it should be smooth sailing.
  8. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because I didn't hear any "Skol" out of you.
  9. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for putting water into a lightbulb. That's not how they work. Edit: Banned for ninja
  10. Sorry, everypony. Considering recent events, I think it's time I made these changes to my profile. I'll bring the Baby avatar back sometime though.


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    2. WiiGuy2014



      The baby is actually a boy, despite looking like a baby Rainbow Dash! Why do you think I always call him, "Son"?

    3. Prospekt


      I normally wouldn't root for the Vikings. But since my Broncos sucked this year, and that last-chance touchdown against the Saints was the coolest play I've ever seen, I'll humor you Minnesotans. :twi:

    4. Sparklefan1234
  11. Sorry for walking you up in the banned game a few days ago. :blush:

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    2. Northern Light Flyer

      Northern Light Flyer

      I did not think of that one. But it could be an exception, I dunno. I'm only a baby.

    3. WiiGuy2014


      Sorry if I was asking too much of you, son.

    4. Northern Light Flyer
  12. Sports Baseball Hall of Fame Balloting 2018

    This is true. He'd be a nice addition, but I read he wasn't as good on the road. He also has a pretty nice sense of humor. Look!
  13. Sports Baseball Hall of Fame Balloting 2018

    On January 24th, The National Baseball Hall of Fame ballots will chose their next inductees. I made a list of these candidates and sorted them into a few categories. I've also included how many years they've been eligible. No one on this list actually falls under this rule, but if you're not elected on your tenth year of eligibility, you automatically drop out. First, the players I think will be in the Hall of Fame for sure Vladimir Gurerro (2nd year) Chipper Jones (1st year) Jim Thome (1st year) Next the candidates who I doubt will ever be elected. Barry Bonds - Performance Enhancing Drugs (6th year) Roger Clemens - Performance Enhancing Drugs (6th year) Manny Ramirez - Performance Enhancing Drugs (2nd year) Gary Sheffield - Performance Enhancing Drugs (4th year) Sammy Sosa - Performance Enhancing Drugs, once used an illegal bat (6th year) These are a few candidates that I think have a shot, but might not be in this soon. Trevor Hoffman (3rd year) Mike Mussina (5th year) Larry Walker (8th year) Johnny Damon (1st year) Livan Hernandez (1st year) Andruw Jones (1st year) Carlos Lee (1st year) Hideki Matsui (1st year) And here are the rest of them, which I have no idea what the outcome will be. Chris Carpenter (1st year) Orlando Hudson (1st year) Aubrey Huff (1st year) Jason Isringhausen (1st year) Jeff Kent (5th year) Brad Lidge (1st year) Edgar Martinez (9th year) Fred McGriff (9th year) Kevin Millwood (1st year) Jamie Moyer (1st year) Scott Rolen (1st year) Johan Santana (1st year) Curt Schilling (6th year) Omar Vizquel (1st year) Billy Wagner (3rd year) Kerry Wood (1st year) Carlos Zambrano (1st year) So what do you think? Who has the best shot at making it in this year?
  14. (Wakes up from a nap, finding myself already wrapped up in my mommy's nice warm hooves, away from the cold outside)

    1. WiiGuy2014


      Son, I know you're still young, but have you had any dreams of what you might be doing when you grow up?

      Would you be a farmer like your mother, a royal guard like your biological father, a storyteller like me, or what else?

    2. Northern Light Flyer

      Northern Light Flyer

      I'm not sure. Maybe a weather control Pegasus. But for now I just want to be the cute little baby you and mommy know and love.

  15. Would you eat the avatar above you?