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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. This Is my favourite episode so far!! I was almost in tears! Fluttershy is me to a tee and I've had a bad week. So I needed a good flutters episode P.s goth fluttershy is the best fluttershy! I really related to this episode for this exact reason. (I got a job at a hair salon and my experience wasn't what they expected 😥)
  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. The new additions to the family! Wonderbolts (Rainbow, Spitfire, Soarin, Derpy and Fluttershy ) and cheerleader pinkie! I have ran out of shelfspace and I don't know where to put them! Also Build a Bear Cadence and Celestia!
  5. Does anyone know when season 8 aired in the UK? I'm getting withdrawals!!
  6. I love this discord and fluttershy figure. I think it's my new favourite piece of my collection!
  7. Just a couple more things added to my collection 😍 - nesting dolls - seapony fluttershy - Ferris wheel
  8. Oh, that's Lyra Heartstrings, out of a blind bag I was a little disappointed tho cos it's just a green Twilight.. but eh, it's a blindbag..
  9. Guys, what's Discord? (Excuse me if thats a stupid question) 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Harii Moxxiie

      Harii Moxxiie

      Haha. :pinkie: Nope, literally just verified myself. I don't really chat to many people but I would like to find more MLP friends, so I am in the right place then, hehe :squee:

    3. catnet


      Ahhhh, well that's fair enough! If you're looking to find more MLP friends, this forum has a Discord server that might be nice? Link to it's under the banner if you're interested :)

    4. Harii Moxxiie

      Harii Moxxiie

      Cool ill take a look :pinkie:

      Aah I can't find the link ? 

      Nevermind I had already linked it haha *face palm*

  10. So, It took me nearly two hours to get it all in photos, had to make separate bundles haha... can you tell who my favourite pony is?? (sorry for my amount of photos ) xXx
  11. Loving seeing all your collections, there is so much I've seen that I want! my collection is currently scattered around my house, haha, but I should try and get photos of it all soon. Xx
  12. Unicorn selfies anyone? Uhh.. you're so pretty! Really cute photos ❤
  13. Yup, I NEED to see this movie!! Also, I think the animation is nice, although will take some getting used to. Xx