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  1. Happy new year everyone! YouCut_20210101_001546116.mp4
  2. Ah, typically, I've not bought turnips this week on new horizons. :/ Been playing new leaf a lot more recently ..
  3. Put trash in an open space with nothing else around. I struggled too - But moved it to a different place and the fly came almost instantly.. Hope this works for you too.
  4. I have a few rare ones ie blue pink orange might be a purple in there too. (I don't have my switch to hand to check what's there) If you do get a subscription let me know
  5. My dream address if anyone wants visit my island in a dream. DA-7721-3708-8848 Also if anyone would like any of the flowers in the circled areas let me know I need to get rid of them... (map has been changed since pic but flowers are in the same place)
  6. Thanks but I'm looking for the stool. I have the chair 😔
  7. Does any have one of these diner stools in cream or black to catalog or buy? Been looking for a couple to complete my kitchen but I've not come across any yet 🙄
  8. I've been back at work this week, so missed out on a lot of AC.. I even missed out on the fishing tourney today 🙄 Although I had shooting stars earlier this week. But couldn't find celeste anywhere?! 🤔
  9. Can I visit celeste? Edit oh nevermind.. I'm a day late haha!
  10. Yeah I'm not a lover of bugs either. Maybe thats why I didn't play much... 🤔
  11. I only played the bug off a few times.. Got a few prizes.. It's a shame it ended at 6pm..as I would have played more.....
  12. My turnip price is 466 this morning! ( UK time) if anyone here is about. The dodo code is 2GL7B 😁
  13. If you do. You're so lucky with prices!! I might have a too, but I doubt I will have any luck 😔
  14. Guys, if you're struggling to earn bells I've got a bunch of bells burning a whole in my abd lol.. Happy to donate to your islands if you are moving residents, or loan repayments etc.. 😊
  15. I've had the Royal crown I couple of times, but never bought it. I bought the small one only because I have bells to spare.. I think i have 19mil (approx) in savings at the moment. Also I've kinda given up on the wedding event. I've got a few of the items. I'm not keen on cyrus, to be honest, seems rude 😂.
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