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  1. Minute_Man

    The Importance of E3

    So, a semi-popular youtuber known as Super BunnyHop posted a video practically bashing E3 earlier and made a lot of points I just don't disagree with. Here is the video if you don't know what I'm talking about: I'll be listing out my counterpoints, so lets get straight into this! 1. One of his first points is that they are only showing the video games at their best. Of course they are going to do this, it is basic marketing, why would you show the more boring bits of the game first? You want to get consumer interest and showing off the more mediocre parts of a game isn't going to do this. 2. I can agree with him on the HoloLens, it is basically false advertisement. 3. The pipboy is just a cool little collectible thing, hence the collector's edition. Nobody is really going to use it for just the silly gimmick, it is a neat replica of the actual thing and a cool decoration, not something to complain about. Especially since there is no direct harm from the success of it. (Not to mention things like this have been around for the longest time). 4. The Last Guardian point was cherry-picking, yeah that one scene looks the same but why aren't you comparing the whole trailer? Plus, the fact that it is still being worked on is some nice clarification so there is not really anything to complain about. 5. He makes a point about how people just need to know something is coming to get hyped about it, but completely contradicts this point in a further statement. I'll get to that. 6. I agree with him on the amiibos, Nintendo has gone too far with them really. 7. He says that we should be surprised by the gameplay of the games, yet earlier he says that people shouldn't just be hyped about a game simply being announced. You can't have one or the other really. Not to mention how important it is to know what a game is before going into it for the consumer. THere is no reason to buy a game if you don't know what the gameplay is like and if no gameplay was shown prior to release, gaming would essentially be dead due to this marketing suicide. E3 helps games get out there and show what they are, without it, games wouldn't be as big as they are today. Overall, he seemed like he just wanted to complain in this video, and while E3 does have inherit problems, he took it a bit too far. I tend to normally like his videos but this one felt really poorly put together. Lemme know what you guys think. So yeah, my first blog post, kinda threw this together fast but I enjoyed making it, hopefully everyone enjoys it!
  2. Minute_Man

    MBTI Survey

    I always get INFP when I do this test, though I'm pretty borderline on most of the stuff it seems.
  3. We all have done ridiculous things in video games, what are a few things that you have done? My first was the Pajama Puncher, a playthrough I did in Fallout 3. Using only their fists and the sexy sleepwear, my character wrecked havoc through the wastes, killing practically everybody. And yes, I managed to punch a deathclaw to death once. Here is what they looked like: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/525015346380522718/70C890FFC22D39DE142D2A5C8A21C4312E2F8058/ There was also the time in TF2 where I went on gamebanana and found the stupidest/silliest mods and installed them all into my tf2, this was the end result:
  4. Minute_Man

    Starlight Blossom

    Starlight Blossom
  5. Minute_Man

    Your schools looks.

    My school was recently built like 4 years ago and honestly kinda looks more like a prison than a school on the outside. Inside it looks pretty nice however, besides the boring white walls (seriously like every wall in this place is white!) Besides that though, its an okay school.
  6. Minute_Man

    Are You Part Of The LGBT?

    I have a similar issue when my friends are talking about what they find attractive, they are all describing what they like so I just sorta sit there confused, though I don't necessarily have a problem identifying when something is supposed to be sexual or not, some of the more subtle stuff tends to stump me though. Also, an annoying thing about being asexual is trying to explain it to people who have never heard it before, a lot of my conversations go like this. "So do you find girls attractive?" "No." "Okay, then you are gay, right?" "No, I'm asexual, I don't like guys or girls really." Then I get like one of these 4 responses. "So are you like a tree???" "Yeah, no, you just don't wanna admit you are gay." "Dude, how can you even know if you haven't had sex?" "You just choose to be asexual because you can't get a girlfriend." (This one really irks me the most.) All of them are kinda understandable reactions to somebody who hasn't heard of it before, but man is it kinda annoying.
  7. Minute_Man

    Gaming E3 Predictions?

    Fallout 4 has got to be there, its been awhile since the last bethesda developed one was made (since New Vegas was a spin-off developdd by another company). It'd be silly of them to not at least acknowladge it in some way. Though in general, I feel as if Nintendo is going to be reviving some old IPs this year that people have been begging for. There is also a slight chance the US could be getting Mother 3 officially translated, to go along with the soon-to-be realeased Lucas smash bros DLC(plus they even mentioned it last year at E3, sure it was a joke but it was still something.)
  8. Minute_Man

    Anypony wanna be friends?

    Sure thing! Can't go wrong with more friends, which is something I also happen to be looking for myself (I have a few close friends but not much else). Feel free to message me as well as add me on whatever you want!
  9. Minute_Man

    How bad is your temper?

    I used to have a very bad temper when I was younger, I'd get mad very easily if something bothered me, sometimes to the point where I would even scream. Now I have cooled down a lot, it is very hard to get me to scream, but when I do, you know you screwed up. Other than that, the most I get is annoyed, which is relatively easier for such a thing to happen as some things just really bother me. For example, I cannot stand at all the sound of people eating.
  10. Minute_Man

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Came across this song in the background of a youtube video and now I can't stop listening to it for some reason.
  11. Minute_Man

    Gaming Yooka-Laylee FAN CLUB

    I'm so glad that the old team for Banjo Kazooie was able to get back together and make this, its like the biggest "Told you so" to all the people that denied them from making such a game. I'm definitely following it closely and getting it once it comes out, and hopefully it leads to more 3d platformers coming out as well, it is a genre that needs to get revived!
  12. Minute_Man

    Are You Part Of The LGBT?

    Yup, I'm part of it. I'm asexual and transgender, not out to everybody yet but I'm working on that!
  13. My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031619767/ I'm always looking for new people to play with so feel free to add me! Mainly you will see me playing TF2 but I will gladly play pretty much every game that I own, with a few exceptions.
  14. Minute_Man

    Gaming Video Game Nostalgia thread

    These two were basically the highlights of my childhood, fantastic games all around (until they were bought by microsoft that is...) and I still go back to play them at least once a year. I'm so glad that the spiritual successor on kickstarter got backed, it looks like it will be everything that made Banjo great! (If you don't know what I am talking about look up Yooka-Laylee, old Rare devs are teaming up to make a new game like Banjo Kazooie!)
  15. Minute_Man

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    I'm asexual but not aromantic. I wish people around me would stop thinking asexual means I don't want a relationship at all.