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  1. It's hard to choose :3 I'm so fond of all the old movies <3 I would watch them all the time. I can't really recall the names, cause I'm terrible with movie names Anyway, I'll just say three that were already mentioned Zombie Island Ghoul School Cyber Chase Something that I really loved about Zombie Island, is that it was the first Scooby-Doo mystery I saw, with real monsters :3
  2. My native language is portuguese. I'm somewhat fluent in english (meaning I can hold a conversation, but I'm always forgetting something), I knew a lot of spanish, now I'm not so sure anymore ^^' My biggest issue with spanish, is that it's so close to portuguese and ends up making me confused, like "oh, this word is the same in portuguese? I can't remember!!" lol I'm taking japanese lessons \o/ so far it's awesome. My sensei is a native speaker and he doesn't know too much outside of japanese, so we have a little trouble communicating, but whatever, I'm there to learn japanese, right? XD Most funny moment was when he was translating "legs", then he said "ashi", pointed to his legs and said "only", instead of saying "legs", lol, our words for "legs" and for "only" kind of do look alike (pernas e apenas respectively). I'd like to learn italian and french. My granny knows french fluently '3'
  3. I practice Kung Fu Hung Gar :3 I'll be doing my belt exam in october. Then I'll be a yellow belt (probably, lol). Edit: it's in november actually O3O
  4. ...people thought you were younger or older than you really are? It happens to me all the time. I'm 20 and people tend to think I'm 17 at most, the most common age they give being 15, and the most absurd was a guy in a WhatsApp group that thought I was 13 after I sent a picture '-' So, how it usually goes for you?
  5. I'd probably cry my eyes out ;3; I don't have a specific favorite pony, but Fluttershy is definitely one of my favorites. And I'm really sensitive, heck, I still cry remembering Hotaru no Haka.
  6. Suzumiya Haruhi (the only and true god ;3) Toshinō Kyōko Sugiura Ayano Hanyū Furude Rika Bernkastel Beatrice Lambdadelta Daidōji Tomoyo Kuroki Tomoko Koro sensei Izumi Konata Papi Sū I don't know, there are too many ;3;
  7. Something about the logarithm function on HP 12C. Stupid test >_<
  8. Ice cream!!! :3 I love it even in the winter <3 My favorites are melon and cream filled with anko. ^^ Besides that I really love sour candies.
  9. Yeah, the majority of the BR bronies are in Sonicrainboom :3
  10. 29 hours. At first I spend the time reading fanfics, but then I thought "well I kinda fell like watching Elfen Lied". I finished 8 am and decided not to sleep. Ended up sleeping around 5 pm.
  11. I put baking powder on my spaghetti, the package was identical to the grated cheese one I drank vinegar. All my mom's fault, the vinegar bottle broke and she thought it was a good idea to put the vinegar on a water bottle >:3
  12. To be 100% sincere, I never envied anyone '-' This makes me weird?