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  1. The premiere episodes, A Royal Problem, and especially A Perfect Pear were written by them. Those 4 alone have made this season better than both 5 and 6 for me.
  2. Damn it, man, I didn't even think of that! Oh man, I can feel the waterworks again. What just a fantastic episode this was all the way through.
  3. Any episode written by Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco is gonna get me really exited. There hasn't been a single episode from them that wasn't an absolute gem.
  4. There's 30-day trials for each, but it's $40 a month for the whole suite.
  5. I used Adobe Flash originally, than switched to Adobe Animate part way through. They're really the same thing, but Animate is newer with a few cool new features (like tagged swatches). I also used After Effects for editing and such.
  6. I actually finished this back in July, but because of mostly Sony, I only just got it actually "done". It's not studio quality, but it was my first animation, and by myself, so take that as you will, and enjoy!
  7. Finally got my Animatin finished!

  8. Today will be known as the day we memed a man into office.

  9. Legends of Everfree is out! (kinda?). Let's see how this stacks up to Rainbow Rocks...

  10. I'm putting this in show discussion, because I want general fandom thoughts. If I posted this in 2013, it would be like I just said, "what do you think of Youtube heroes?" People would want to chop my head off. But I think (hope even), that the fandom has kinda gotten away from our witch hunts off all things non-pony. After Rainbow Rocks, and Friendship Games, A lot of people have been like, maybe, possibly, this is -uh- not such a bad thing, that I'm watching. Seriously, have you heard the OSTs? So the, arguably, main protagonist of the EQG universe is the lovely Sunset Shimmer. She's kinda a big deal. You know Starlight Glimmer? She's like Jeb Bush compared to Sunset. Let me find the point here... Oh yes. So what if Sunset was in an episode of Friendship Is Magic? I'm a compromisin' man, maybe you feel like she could show up as a side character in a season finale, then never be shown again? That's an opinion. Or perhaps, you hate everything EQG so much you even have the filter turned on in EQD, because you don't even want to lay your eyes upon such filth? Or maybe you love EQG with all your heart, and you just want FIM to be replaced with EQG? Or maybe something more moderate and not ridiculous, I don't know. Comment on your thoughts below.
  11. Spike has grown from the character everybody makes fun of because we hated him, to one of the best characters in the show. Even this episode, I laughed at both his lines. Like when he was writhing at Fluttershy putting the spiders BACK UP. Like why, lol? Little subtlees like that make episodes for me.
  12. This might be because Applejack is my favorite character, but in the spa episode, when Applejack was going through the absolutely ridiculous motions of feeding the pigs. I was just like, why? Why DHX?
  13. *Nothing Continues*

  14. I wonder what it's going to be like when we realize Hasbro likes money and wont end the series with the movie.
  15. I really need like a YouTube blocker or something. It does it's job too well.

    1. The Cynical Lone Wolf
    2. SolyWack


      (6 days late ftw), like an extension that blocks Youtube. I was pretty much just saying I need more self-control, lol.

  16. Grimgar: Of Fantasy and Ash is probably my favorite anime ever. Sometimes you get those lost gems

  17. I really gotta start exercising in the morning or something, because i'm never NOT tired.

  18. One good thing that came out of NMS is it made me want to do art and not play any more video games, lol.

  19. I have never seen Steam put up a refund policy reminder on the store front of a game. GG NoMansSky

  20. Telltale's Game of Thrones is still a good play, even if it is morbid af

    1. Kyoshi


      I have the rest of the season, I need to play it.

  21. The game "Alpha Protocol". This game got the most garbage reviews in it's time. But after a few years, a lot of people started recognizing it as actually good. Not enough for a sequel, but enough for me anyway. To date, it's probably one of my favorite "choices actually matter" games out there, right next to Bioware RPGs. It was also a stealth game (my favorite genre), so It was more or less custom built for me. And also the Mako from Mass Effect. *raises nuke shield*
  22. The timing of this post makes me think it was created for No Man's Sky. In which case, I would agree. I never expected the No Man's Sky: Coming of Jesus edition, but I still expected a little in my game. Especially for $60. I won't name off everything I hate, but real short, I expected a game about space exploration, galactic trading, and occasional space battles. There's no objective, so exploring feels empty. Trading is dumbed down to basic RPG, buy for a lot, sell for half. And space battles are pretty much a pirate ship here and there. Really disappointing. I wanted to like it, 24 hours in, I think I'm cutting my loses. But I respect other people, and realize that it probably isn't objectively bad, and might just not be my type of game. I'm not so low to rage about a lost $60 here and there. The government takes more from me every two weeks anyway (hey hey! oh..).
  23. No Man's Sky is alright, could be better, but it's alright.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SolyWack


      @Kyoshi, I have it on PC. It runs butter smooth for me. Performance isn't the issue. But a lot of people are apparently having issues.


      @Burpy, I think I'd have to agree with you there. It's a good $20 dollar purchase. I'd even swing for closer to $40.

    3. Kyoshi


      You should give Elite Dangerous a look if you haven't yet. :) I have it for Xbox One and it is pretty awesome.

    4. SolyWack


      I'm not much of a gamer anymore, and I just spent $60 on NMS. But I'll check it out.

  24. NMS for PS4 is away. Guess it's time to start my 72 hour advent calender...

  25. I'm not feeling like the Master Race when No Man's Sky just released on PS4.